Don't Mistake A Lull In Mobile Virus FUD For Its Disappearance

from the have-they-forgotten-about-us? dept

Just because it’s been a while since we’d talked about a security company spreading some FUD about mobile malware, doesn’t mean that it had stopped. While the main purveyor of the stuff, F-Secure, seems to have chilled out a bit, other vendors are carrying on. This time, it’s Kaspersky, with one of its analysts going into a Faraday cage with a German TV crew, and intentionally infecting a phone with the Cabir virus, so “everyone in the room understood that mobile malware is a real threat.” It certainly is a threat when you infect the phone intentionally and ignore all the warnings it throws up, but the real risk of your phone getting a virus remains negligible. You’ve still got to wonder why, if mobile viruses are so common, why a TV crew would need to go into a Faraday cage (that’s impervious to radio waves, but not to PR stunts) and have to get a security firm to put on this sort of demo. After all, if our phones are at such great risk, couldn’t they have just found somebody with a virus?

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Comments on “Don't Mistake A Lull In Mobile Virus FUD For Its Disappearance”

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kurt wismer (user link) says:

the only FUD here is techdirt's

sorry pete, but in *this case* there is no FUD except that being spread by the author…

had the author actually read the kaspersky labs blog entry he’d have seen that they were showing the camera *how* cabir infects, not trying to prove that it was a serious threat…

in fact it was explicitly stated that only a few instances of cabir were known to be in the wild in all of germany, so the author is pretty much putting words in kaspersky’s mouth when suggesting that kaspersky has claimed it’s a common threat…

Chet Uber says:

Stunt or not, does not matter

The fact that it is or isn’t a PR stunt doesn’t really matter. Cell phones can be infected by malicious code; and as cell phones and PDA’s come together the threats will become a real issue. Just because companies are trying to make money, doesn’t mean that the threat is not real. It is surely not pervasive, but it is indeed a potential risk. This risk should be evaluated, and the appropriate countermeasures applied to meet the surety needs of the individual company. Certainly a larger threat is allowing cell phones with cameras into board meetings, and as high quality bugging devices.

techtalk says:

If you have been to MySpace lately you may have noticed the MyMobiSafe profile page at is said to launch on 6/1/07 and it sounds like an awesome site to watch for. will provide the first handset universal antivirus application for cell phone users. Basically it offers cell phone protection for every user. I don’t know if it is a promotional thing or not, but their MySpace page says it will only be $3.99 month. Finally, antivirus protection that is handset compatible at an affordable rate. While McAfee and the others are still charging annual fees, is redefining the industry. It is about time someone came along to challenge this industry!

Cheryl Jones says:

Safety in Cells

Get ready for a new twist in the telecommunication world. It’s called safety in cell phones and if a person reads the FBI webpage, they will learn that people need to beef up on cell phone security. Today, hackers can steal a persons personal information through the cell phone. Please informed about software available to protect you. Nice going Looks like your breaking into the needs of the public just in time. Good Luck!

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