Hollywood Decides If It Can't Succeed At Home, It Might As Well Force DRM Into Foreign TVs

from the always-another-market-to-piss-off-somewhere dept

One thing about Hollywood lobbying groups is that they’re somewhat relentless. You can stop a ridiculously bad legislative effort in one place, only to see it pop up somewhere else a month later. They attack pretty much all possible avenues to get regulations that heavily favor and protect their obsolete business model. No wonder MPAA and RIAA execs are paid so well. The EFF has the latest story, which notes that various Hollywood studios who haven’t had as much luck requiring TV makers to include DRM into TVs in the US are working on a separate project to force DRM into the standards used throughout the rest of the world, which would effectively mandate that TVs include one particular technology, which will basically serve to make the TVs costlier, but won’t do squat to actually stop copying. It’s unclear what the studios actually think they gain from this. The content will still get copied and will still be available online. No DRM is going to stop that. If anything, all this will do is serve to piss off users who will wonder why they can’t properly record something. All for an added cost. In an age where television broadcasting is facing increased competition from a variety of other sources, doing stuff that only pisses off your viewers doesn’t seem like a particularly intelligent strategy.

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Comments on “Hollywood Decides If It Can't Succeed At Home, It Might As Well Force DRM Into Foreign TVs”

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Norman619 (profile) says:

Re: Re:

Ummm… you speak as if the rest of the world has no choice. LOL!!! How clueless. They can do the same thing we did here in the US. Just say no and move on. How this is the fault of the US government/people is beyond me. I’ve noticed it’s only a little more in fasion to bash Microsoft than it is to bash the US. Again it’s not the US government doing this. It’s private companies. But don’t let something like the facts get in the way of your mindless bashing….

Cixelsid says:


“won’t do squat to actually stop copying”
I doubt it does nothing.
Even a company saying ‘don’t copy this’, stops some people from coping.

No, it will do squat. The point being, there are other mediums out there that people can turn to that lend itself much better to copying.

And what Hollywood is trying to do is the equivalent of running to mom when dad says no. They´ll try and weasel it into foreign legislature, using american trade as a lever (just as they did with sweden when they wanted to shut down Pirate Bay), and then they’ll run back to dad and scream “but mom said yes”.

RonaldMcDonald says:

Hilary Rosen of the RIAA & Iraq

Funnier still, recall the Iraq plan the Neocons had?

To turn Iraq into a corporate haven with laws favoring business taken to the extreme. Oil owned by Bush & Cheney buddies, ultra low corporation tax, and 100% profit repatriation (i.e. Neocon supporters would own the oil, sell it from Iraq, take low tax profits out of the country and laugh all the way to their Cayman Islands banks).


And now it turns out that one of the architects of this ideological nonsense was none other than Hilary Rosen of the RIAA, who crafted the copyright legislation.


“Since my interview with Palast, he has named one member of the Iraqi “Disneyland”. Palast has said that Hilary Rosen, chief executive of the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), is helping draft copyright legislation for the new administration in Iraq. Currently in the US, the RIAA is using the judicial system to hunt down fileswappers it deems guilty of violating copyright laws. Interestingly enough, none of the accused are America Online subscribers – AOL/Time Warner happens to be an RIAA member. Palast has declared Madonna to be the winner of the Iraq war.”

|333173|3|_||3 says:

hollywood boycott

if Hollywood attempt to boycott digital Tv in a country, and that country’s governemnt got angry enough, then they might pass a law/Statutory Instrument/Administrative Order ststing that all copyright protection is null and void on a list of films, or the films released by the boycotting studios. They would see sense quickly enough.

What happens if a country apecifies that any existing rights must be maintained? There it would be legal to circumvent the DRM.

Wyndle says:

Interestingly enough, none of the accused are America Online subscribers – AOL/Time Warner happens to be an RIAA member. Palast has declared Madonna to be the winner of the Iraq war.

If a person knew how to use the internet tubes would they willingly subscribe to A-O-Hell? That point is very flawed.

As for Madonna winning the war in Iraq… The culture difference makes Madonna the absolute worst choice. 1. They don’t like women to show any more skin in public than needed. 2. They don’t allow their women to sing.

John (user link) says:

DRM is a joke…any kid can turn a movie with DRM into a regular mpeg. Studios should just lower prices and sell direct to consumers.

Also, their efforts against file sharing are soon going to be a thing of the past with all of these new software applications that offer encrypted exchanges. Look at GigaTribe for instance ( http://www.gigatribe.com ), their free software lets users exchange entire movies in a few easy clicks, and not even the ISPs are able to spot what’s being exchanged.

The model is changing rapidly, and the industry is just going to have to adapt. I for one will never buy a DRM-plagued movie. DRM will just backfire and hurt their sales!!

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