In A Move That Will Surprise No One, AT&T And Verizon Trying To Get More Access To Non-Supervised Gov't Money

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For a while now we’ve covered how the Universal Service Fund (USF) has turned into something of a boondoggle for telcos, where they get money supposedly for expanding service into rural areas, but where there’s almost no accounting for it. Others have noted that the USF actually holds back rural areas from getting more innovative services like VoIP. The whole thing is basically a scam allowing the telcos to charge you more. Even when they were allowed to reduce the fee, they pretended they still had to collect it so there would be even less oversight into what they did with the money. Now, Broadband Reports points out that AT&T and Verizon are trying to get more access to the USF slush fund. In the meantime, it’s still never been clearly explained why this program is needed and why, if it’s so important, there’s so little oversight into how it’s operated.

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Comments on “In A Move That Will Surprise No One, AT&T And Verizon Trying To Get More Access To Non-Supervised Gov't Money”

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Overcast says:

I wish I got as much government assistance as the big corporations.

Hell, I can’t even keep health coverage as a contractor. Yet the big telco’s get to take more government money so I get taxed more?

Sure that’s fair.

They say crime doesn’t pay – but you know, it’s getting to the point where being a contractor doesn’t either…. lol

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