TJX Fighting Hard To Raise The Bar Even Higher For Worst Credit Card Data Leak Ever

from the go-big-or-don't-go-at-all dept

Last month, TJX, the parent company of retailers T.J. Maxx and Marshalls among others, disclosed that it had lost a ton of customer credit-card and personal information, with some suggesting it could be the biggest breach ever. If you follow these sorts of things, you’ll remember that the way they typically go is that the group that’s lost the data will disclose a breach, then, after the initial furor has died down, they’ll come back a few weeks later and say they lost a whole lot more than they first thought. With that in mind, any guesses as to what TJX has said today? Surprise, surprise — a ton more information was exposed than the company first disclosed. This sort of leak continues to happen, and nothing gets done to put a stop to it. It doesn’t appear that many companies care enough, or have the proper incentives to devote the necessary level of resources to security. But remember what the banks and credit card companies’ surveys tell us: these breaches, and identity theft in general, isn’t a problem.

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Comments on “TJX Fighting Hard To Raise The Bar Even Higher For Worst Credit Card Data Leak Ever”

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bubba says:

Re: Re:

hey Mee,

Your company made a huge mistake in collecting and storing data from Track 1 of the credit card strip on the back of each card. That has the CC#, Exp Date and CCV#. What should have been collected is the info from Track 2 which is name and address only, no financial information. Maybe you should go to your manangement and ask them how to address those concerns from customers, like myself included, whose CC were compromised. Oh and dont tell me to pay in cash. I can cancel a stolen credit card….someone rips me off of my cash- cant get that back. If its so tuff to answer peoples questions about this major breach then get out or kindly tell people to address their concerns by calling a 1-800 number. With your angry attitude you really shouldnt be addressing these people anyhow.

Anyonymous jerk says:

Fine them!

At this point, the authorities need to step in and begin dolling out serious fines for these companies. Identity theft not only hurts individuals, but ultimately causes nationwide economic repurcussions when people start declaring bankruptcy because they can’t pay their bills.
(sounding like a poster for ID theft)

It hurts us all!

Julian says:

TJMaxx will be bought out

Visa will force a buyout or a shutdown. Visa did that for CardSystems last year which is now operating under a new name and new management.

Visa has implemented PCI security regulations which is a series of security best practices for the specific security of the cardholder data. If you accept VISA cards you must pass this security audit or negotiate an extension or waiver. VISA is not fooling around anymore.


Anonymous Coward says:

Prosecute the Real Criminal

I understand the exposure the company has, along with many other companies that have yet to be hacked. Why are we not talking about finding and prosecuting the criminals that stole the information in the first place. I know it’s a difficult task, but it must be done, otherwise, other companies will find themselves in this situation.

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