Who Cares If Pamela Jones Is Real Or Not, As Long As Her Information Is Accurate?

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There’s been a lot of talk in the last couple days about the fact that SCO is trying to subpoena Pamela Jones of Groklaw. For years, SCO has claimed that Pamela Jones is really a front for a group of IBM lawyers, and this latest move has started that discussion going again. However, in all the “does she or does she not exist?” questioning, an important point is missed: what does it matter? Groklaw has remained an excellent source of information about the SCO lawsuit, consistently pointing out accurate information about how far off-base SCO has been with the lawsuit. Whether it comes from some random paralegal or the entire legal team at IBM, the quality of the site has been consistent. If SCO is really so concerned about Jones and Groklaw, there’s a really simple solution. They can just respond to the critics on the site. The problem is that, so far, they haven’t been able to do so credibly. Every time SCO tries to respond, they just end up digging themselves into a deeper hole. Instead of worrying about who Pamela Jones is (or is not), why don’t they put some effort into saving their troubled company?

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Comments on “Who Cares If Pamela Jones Is Real Or Not, As Long As Her Information Is Accurate?”

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chris (profile) says:


how can you egg the house of someone that doesn’t really exist?

how are you going to slash their tires?

you know, it costs a lot of money to hire a contract killer, and the quality ones charge you per victim.

i would imagine that the IBM legal team is quite a few people, and given sco’s finances (phony lawsuits ain’t cheap) it will cost quite a bit to have all of those lawyers rubbed out.

pamela jones on the other hand… that’s just one job, easily justified to the accounting department.

SCOlover says:

What happened to the stalking?

Didn’t Maureen O’Gara go overboard with the whole stalking thing with Jones, publishing all kinds of personal information about her? Didn’t she even follow Jones, the person, around her hometown taking pictures of her? How do they reconcile that? I could see accusing her of being a front for multiple people, but accusing her of not even existing is tough.

My guess is she gathered from the direction of the case that she was about to be subpoenad, doesn’t want any part of it, and is laying low somewhere in the meantime.

Jeff R. says:

Why are they trying to discredit PJ?

“Instead of worrying about who Pamela Jones is (or is not), why don’t they put some effort into saving their troubled company?”

Because one is within the realm of things they can possibly accomplish and the other isn’t?

Not that they have much chance in their attempt to discredit PJ, but it’s infinitely more likely than their winning any of the lawsuits they’re currently involved in.

Lawrence D'Oliveiro says:

PJ Who?

If “Pamela Jones” is a real person, why does he feel the need to keep his identity such a secret? That’s not how journalists are supposed to operate. They’re supposed to stand by what they publish. Except perhaps in police states…

One of the Linux magazines has a column by “Pamela Jones” and it’s quite remarkable to see the comparison with all the other columnists: every single one puts their picture at the top of the page, except for PJ’s one, which has some ridiculous cartoon face in its place.

zcat (user link) says:

PJ _is_ a front for a vast collection of Linux and

Groklaw is a community. It’s the Open Source Method applied to legal research. IBM’s and SCO’s lawyers are both known to read it, I have no idea how much either group contribute to it. PJ does write a huge amount of material but what majes Groklaw really happen is many other people contributing ideas, doing research, converting scanned documents and PDF’s to searchable text.

Nobody ever pretended otherwise. This is news?

sysadmn (profile) says:

Abuse by Lawsuit

The point isn’t to prove PJ is a front. SCO may float that, but it’s doubtful they really believe it. More likely, they hope to deposition her into bankruptcy. And if she gets pro bono support, well, there’s always something embarassing to drag out of any witness. Let her serve as a warning to the next blogger with an opinion we don’t like.

Gene Hoffman (user link) says:

Quite real

Pamela Jones is a real enough person that I’ve spent a couple of hours face to face with her talking about patents. I’ve also shared a lunch at a very tasty joint in North Carolina when we were both there for a conference.

Lots of people don’t particularly care for her speaking certain truth to power. I personally think she is a bit skittish but I don’t walk in her shoes.


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