Entire Verizon Corporation Served With Arrest Warrant After Failing To Pay Lawsuit Judgment

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This must be the week that everyone who gets frustrated at the cable and phone companies tries to get their revenge. First, Comcast was fined $12,281.84 by a county in Maryland for its poor customer service. Then there was the story of a 19-year old running out of his house buck naked, threatening an AT&T repairman with a shotgun, before landing in a mental health facility. And now comes word that a judge issued an arrest warrant (via Broadband Reports) for the entire Verizon corporation after it failed to pay on a lawsuit it lost in small claims court. The company had been sued by a customer who claimed that Verizon double billed him, ruined his credit and failed to fix the mistake. Fortunately, Verizon has now paid the customer, putting off the difficult question of how you go about arresting an entire company.

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Comments on “Entire Verizon Corporation Served With Arrest Warrant After Failing To Pay Lawsuit Judgment”

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Michael Tatu (user link) says:

Wait!! Not The People In The Commercial!!

I have had nothing but good experiences with Verizon. They have been very helpful and professional. Are these “Hater’s” just people that did’nt pay the bill? Or are these people just taking advantage of the opportunity to slam the “Deep Pocket” Corp.? I have had almost every cell service and travel everywhere in the U.S.. In my OPINION Verizon has the best coverage (atleast in every highway corridor) and that’s where it counts the most.

Dave says:

Glad to hear it

I had a battle with Verizon myself a few years back, in which someone fraudulently used my calling card number at a string of payphones in the area or something like that and ran up my bill to an unreal $900+. Verizon was provided proof positive that at least in some of the incidences I was nowhere near the area, and summarily told me “we know it wasn’t you, but we’re still holding you responsible.”

Screw them. To Michael Tatu’s comment – nobody’s claiming they have bad signal or service here. They lost a suit and didn’t pay.

ScytheNoire (profile) says:

6 things?

i only count five there

and those are thing all companies try to do

i just don’t see anything about improving the technology, improving coverage, improving service, or lowering fee’s

guess that means they are like every other American corporation, fuck over the people for as long as possible while making as much money as possible and try to provide the least amount of service for the highest cost while changing the service the least until absolutely neccessary

|333173|3|_||3 says:

How to arrest an entire company...

Better still, sieze the keys to all the doors, the food going to the canteen, and all the company cars. THen turn off the water, gas, and electricity outside. Then just arrest everyone as they come out. Easy.

If it was the entire company, then you could sieze allthier money and the money of all thier employees, from the CEO to the floor sweeper, and order everyone to turn up at theire nearest police station.

Mort says:

In 12 years in the IT field I have yet to come across a company that cares less about its customers than Verizon. It shouldn’t take a court order to get them to fix their own mistake.

A Verizon tech (splicer) once told me that he couldn’t get Verizon to fix his mothers phone line. He called support several times after the phone was down for 2 weeks. Verizon support kept telling him the problem was inside the house. He told them he worked for Verizon gave them his ID number, told them he tested the lines and the problem was outside the house. Verizon support told him the problem was in the house and that they were not responsible to fix inside lines. The tech told me his mother didn’t live in the area he covered and that after another week of battling with support he had to drive from his zone to his mother’s zone and fix the issue himself.
Ohh and as you might have guessed, the problem was out on the poll.

The Swiss Cheese Monster says:

If I would have known.....

Wouldn’t it be great to be on the phone with VerizonWireless tech support when this story comes across the wire?

It would be a lot of fun to tell the tech “It has just come to my attention that there is a warrant out for your arrest. So fix the fucking problem now or I’ll call the authorities and let them know where you are.”

Would be even better if the employee in question really did have a warrant out for his/her arrest.

CAS says:

Verizon Serivces- FIOS

DO you know that I have scheduled 5 times wiht verizon to set up FIOS _ CABLE and all 5 times that have screwed up?
YEs 5 times and all 5 times, they have failed to show up. Either the technician did not show up or they dates in their system is wrong, or the services to provide is not the one I SCHEDULED. They are very unprofessional, VEY UNORGANIZED!!!

Canada says:

Verizon RipOff on FIOS Billing

In April 07 I purchase the FIOS service for the internet, TV, Home Phone and Celluar Phone. The Fios service was for A ONE year contract at cost of $99.99. Now only five months later Verizon is raising the cost to $ 152.00 a month. When I inquired about why they (VERIZON) was not living up to the contract we signed. The Verizon rep stated I had only six months contract. To bad Verizon by we signed a years contract. My strong advise is not to do BUSSINESS with VERIZON FIOS. Go to another company. Stay tuned I am looking for others in the same shape for a Class Action Law Suite.

Nancy Crenshaw says:



I don’t seem to have the billing issues mentioned in this article….yet. However, I signed up for DSL with Verizon in March of 2008. I also signed up for Verizon Games on Demand and have had unbelievable trouble with the so called customer service ever since. I have emailed them over 20 times with regards to the issues revolving around this particular “Games on Demand” service all of which were answered with a generic choices of solutions none of which even came close to dealing with this. I have also chatted with them 4 times on line, each time I was disconnected and was unable to reconnect including receiving computer errors for trying. I have also tried to deal with this via telephone…the response was that this issue was not something that they could deal with and I was often put on hold for sometimes up to 30 minutes.
Now I just want to cancel my Games on Demand subscription and cannot!!!
What kind of customer service is this!!!
I don’t know what I can do, I want the DSL but I’m so discouraged by the response of Verizons’ customer service to my needs.
Nancy Crenshaw

westley sinkler says:

verizon triple freedom package

quote seems to be virtually non existant even though you sign up for it and are promised it you never actually receive it .billings are not for qouted price of 79.99 a month and satellite service comes in a totally seperate billing bringing the grand total of service to around 180.00 to200.00 per month instead of the ever mythical 79.99 per month.signed very seriously pissed of consumer.

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