Amazon Finally Gets Around To Launching Semi-Mysterious Wiki Offering

from the mystery-solved dept

Well over a year ago, there were various sightings of the mysterious Amazon “ProductWiki” which would let people create and edit pages about various products. Last month, they apparently finally did a quiet launch of the offering. Of course, there’s already a company out there named ProductWiki, and they probably weren’t all that thrilled with Amazon’s naming choice. Either way, Rogers Cadenhead wrote in to let us know that he’s spotted a new service on Amazon called Amapedia, that basically looks like their attempt to perhaps rebrand the ProductWiki concept (though, they still have a website discussing their own ProductWiki). Randomly, if you do a Google search on the name Amapedia, you come up with the resume of an intern who claims he did coding work on Amapedia for Amazon back in 2005. So, it sounds like perhaps that was the original name, but it’s bounced around a bit since then. No matter what, it’s an interesting idea as a way to try to build up additional info about a product beyond just the typical list of reviews. Like any wiki, though, it all depends on whether or not people use it. Amazon certainly has a lot of users, though, and has done a good job building up a community of reviewers. The trick is converting them to being Amapedians as well.

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Comments on “Amazon Finally Gets Around To Launching Semi-Mysterious Wiki Offering”

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Phlatus the Elder says:

First rule of what? Commercial failure? I’m not exactly in love with Madison Avenue, but I have to agree with wtf on this one.

As to Amapedia, it might address a problem I’ve been seeing with Amazon’s reader reviews. When you see a gushing write up on a text, then see that the reviewer has done the same for all that author’s books (with, perhaps, a couple other authors from the same publisher tossed in), the credibility off all those stars takes a real hit. If Amapedia provides an opportunity to call reviewers on shilling for their buddies, I’m all for it.

ArKanoid says:


Although it’s still early in the “Amapedia” world, I believe it is safe to assume that it will only be used as reviews for products sold on, which leads me to ask what is different between “Amapedia” and a simple “Post Review”? ProductWiki ( on the otherhand is a fully comprehensive review of ALL products imaginable, and helpfull articles that have the idea of a smarter consumer in mind. To me, the ProductWiki battle was won long ago by the website of the same name.

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