If You Want To Help Promote Dragonball With A Fan Site, Please Register For Approval First

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Petréa Mitchell writes "Way back when the entertainment industry first found out about the net and the Web, some parts of it got the screaming heebie-jeebies on discovering that people had built fan web sites. Legal threats were dispatched in all sorts of directions (the biggest battle, as I recall, was over Star Wars and Star Trek sites), but cooler heads eventually prevailed, and these days the fan sites are allowed, or even actively supported as a means of promoting the shows and movies they adore. Well, that’s what I thought, anyway. Check out these “guidelines” from FUNimation, the US distributor of Dragonball, where they kindly allow you to have a Dragonball fan site if you register as an affiliate, sign away your right to have disputes settled in court, make sure your site is “of a quality satisfactory to FUNimation”, don’t engage in parody or satire, etc." Well, at least they aren’t sending bills to those they encouraged to promote their brand. However, it does show how out of touch some brands are in letting the lawyers step in and decide under what terms they want people to help spread their message by word of mouth. In this case, it seems like the company is trying to find a balance between protecting its own trademark and allowing fans to continue, but at some point people need to realize that any attempt at controlling word of mouth efforts pretty much destroys the whole point of any word of mouth promotion.

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Comments on “If You Want To Help Promote Dragonball With A Fan Site, Please Register For Approval First”

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SailorAlphaCentauri says:


FUNimation is known for it’s high-quality handling of anime (Like the whole Detective Conan/Case Closed debacle), so I’m sure that they’ll get a handle on these Dragonball fansites. You know, putting the lockdown on an aging franchise instead of being happy that people are still interested in the show & bringing them money via the free press.

bkharmony says:

Suits n' Stiffs

This doesn’t surprise me at all. I interviewed at FUNimation a few years back. I was shocked at how stiff the place was, and how craptacular their office was. Surely these people are making money hand over fist, yet they had employees practically sitting in each others’ laps (which actually might be the best part of working there – word is they treat their hired hands like crap).

The place is basically just a front for licensing.

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