Asian Telcos Shirk Fiber Upgrades Because Pacific Earthquakes Are So Rare

from the state-of-denial dept

As we mentioned yesterday, it was already pretty clear before the recent earthquake that Asian fiber networks were capacity strapped and lacked redundancy. When fiber lines were cut, many Asia network operators were forced to reroute their traffic to the U.S. via elaborate alternative routes, creating laggy connections as user traffic bounced halfway around the globe. Those users will have to get used to sluggish connectivity, because initial sea floor exploration indicates damage to the cables is substantial, and could take longer to repair than previously estimated. Hong Kong authorities have asked users to “minimize nonessential downloading of large files from overseas,” in the hopes of preserving bandwidth. As we’ve noted, there are a lot of companies planning to expand capacity in the region, driven largely by demand. Of course there’s several providers looking to take the cheap way out — the largest telcos in both South Korea and Taiwan are insisting that additional lines aren’t necessary because earthquakes are apparently rare in the Pacific, despite the fact they live in the one of the world’s most tectonically active regions. Nothing screams customer dedication quite like admitting you’re cheap in the middle of a major connectivity crisis.

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Comments on “Asian Telcos Shirk Fiber Upgrades Because Pacific Earthquakes Are So Rare”

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marshall (user link) says:

i sort of care

I live in Humboldt County, California, where we have only one fiber line connecting the entire county to the rest of the internet. This week that line was severed and took 13 hours to fix. So while I don’t really care what happens in Asia (regarding their connectivity), I think a more important topic is completing a more robust internet here in the US. There are still so many areas without redundant pipes, and that problem has the potential to negatively affect businesses and economies in those areas when natural disasters sever the lines.

Enrico Suarve says:

Its looking better

Seems that although the cables will be a while getting fixed the doom mongers are a little bit premature as normal

Most of the connections are apparently looking close to normal although none of the fibres has been repaired yet

As for ‘I don’t care’ – wow you actually bother to reply to posts just to let people know you don’t care? What makes you think anyone else cares whether you care or not?

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