France The Latest To Tell The RIAA That Privacy Is More Important Than Piracy

from the a-little-privacy-please dept

As the entertainment industry has rushed around the world assuming that no one deserves any privacy at all if the RIAA or MPAA believe they may have at one point or another accessed, downloaded or shared an unauthorized file, it seems that some courts are finally recognizing that there are some privacy issues to be dealt with. Over in the Netherlands, a court last year noted that privacy rights were more important than the entertainment industry’s screams of piracy — and that the entertainment industry needed to respect local privacy laws. A higher court later limited that decision, based on some odd criteria, but it seems like the entertainment industry might not be as lucky in France. A French court has now found that the entertainment industry cannot engage in “unrestrained” internet monitoring in trying to track down unauthorized file sharers. In the case, like just about every similar case, the recording industry used an IP address to obtain the information necessary to file a lawsuit. However, the French court is noting that the industry didn’t get court authorization to find out who was associated with that IP address — basically saying that a court should decide if there’s enough evidence before an ISP can just hand over names.

Of course, as you might expect, the recording industry is playing down the decision, claiming it’s an “isolated decision.” Apparently, to the recording industry, things like privacy are simply an isolated nuisance. More interesting, though, may be the impact this decision has on the small group of companies out there that do the industry’s dirty work in tracking IP addresses. This ruling could mean that they’re all breaking the law — and could face fines or prison time. In fact, the article notes that one government organization is already looking to crack down on such firms, which could put a crimp in the industry’s plans to keep on spying on people.

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Comments on “France The Latest To Tell The RIAA That Privacy Is More Important Than Piracy”

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An American (profile) says:


Still bashing France?

C’mon pod people wake up! Remember why so many American’s began bashing the French in the first place?

If I recall correctly it was because they didn’t immediately leap into the fray after 9/11, when there was still a lot of fact-finding left to do. They wouldn’t get behind the search for WMDs in our Terrorism routing.

Way to have a back-bone France, imaging thinking for yourself…

So stop harping on WWII and at least criticize them for being rude or something (Which of course Americans are already world renowned for.).

Making fun of France is soooooo 2005…

getLaidIan says:

Re: Go to school justin

it was us calling our fries freedom fries, yes; the reason is that france is a nation of rude, smelly, utterly useless country. When we saved them they thought us american’s are the shit, when they didn’t support the war they’re feeling changed? Are reasons are teh same .. freedom …

if france got in a war today, what are they going to bring to the battlefield? Pastires and bad smelling perfume to scare the enemy away.

Go france for believing in thier peoples rights, boo america on that … but still, I am proud to live here and if france wants to stick there nose up at us … sit and spin france…

Luci (profile) says:

Re: Did you know?

Finally! Someone who knows a bit more about our own Revolution than is common, these days! Yes, Benjamin Franklin, Arthur Lee, Silas Deane, and later John Adams went abroad to look for help in funding our bid for freedom. Even though it was a measure of their dislike for England at the time, France was the major contributor to our war chests.

The infamous Joe says:

Dodge, Parry, Jab.

Fisrt off, Mr. Schotz, stealing and copyright infringement are not the same thing. If you’d like further information, a simple google search on the subject should help you out. That is, of course, assuming you’re not a troll and really don’t know the difference.

Secondly, I still hope you have a Merry Christmas, because it’s not nice to be mean.

Next, I don’t get why there is a hyphen in AC#19’s comment between the F and the U… it’s almost as if he or she was trying to partially censor him/herself and forgot to leave out a letter. I won’t even touch the ‘kommi’ part, because maybe that’s how kids spell it these days, I never can tell.

Finally, I’d like to point out, not for the first time on Techdirt, that chances are good that none of you are actually part of the governments you are defending, and that name calling doesn’t really sway anyone that is undecided to your side. Pariotism is an excellent trait to have, but all the ‘My dad is better than your dad.’ nonesense is more than a little childish.

In addition to Mr. Schotz, I hope you all have a Merry Christmas.

Anonymous Coward says:

You really want to screw the MPAA and RIAA good. Stop buying dvds, cds, mp3, etc. Stop buying all there shit. When they run out of money they will see who the bitches are, themselves. Shit if the American market dropped out one them, all the conmpanies would go bankrupt. To make a side note, don’t buy a Zune. I say this to Microsoft proudly, go F-yourself cause I’m not paying $1 to any music compony by buying your shitty Zune.

Lefty says:

Freedom Fries?

I take it people aren’t aware that the decision to change the name was done by the Senate subcommittee in charge of the Capital Hill lunch room? And that it did not go through any sort of vote, motion, or any other processes by which more then three or four people could review it, prior to the change taking place. To go further, I believe it was this past summer that the menu was changed back to read as French Fries; as well read the comments made by the French Embassy when asked to respond to the change and you’ll see that they were more amused then anything else.

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