Cyber Monday Not Even The Busiest Online Shopping Monday

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For two years running, we’ve seen the myth of “Cyber Monday” reported over and over again as fact. The story, made up by a bunch of marketers, is that the Monday after Thanksgiving, all those turkey-stuffed employees are not so interested in working, and so they’ll log on to the internet from the office and buy holiday presents. Of course, as was noted last year, the Monday after Thanksgiving is traditionally the twelfth busiest online shopping day, not the first. Also, another study this year noted that, despite the “shop from work” claim, very few people who did shop on the Monday after Thanksgiving did so from work. Well, it looks like the traditionalists have won out over the marketers again this year. The latest report shows that, once again, this year’s Cyber Monday was actually the twelfth busiest online shopping day. It wasn’t even the busiest online shopping Monday. Hell, it wasn’t even the second busiest shopping Monday. Both December 4th and December 11th beat out November 27th by a pretty wide margin. The actual busiest online shopping day was apparently Wednesday December 13th, which was probably the point at which many online stores were cutting off their guaranteed delivery in time for Christmas. Never underestimate the power of procrastination to beat out the will of a bunch of marketers.

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