Thx 4 Tha Ad(vertising), MySpace

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Much was made yesterday of the announcement that MySpace will soon be available to Cingular subscribers on their mobile phones. They’ll be able to download a MySpace application to their handset, then for $3 per month, plus whatever data charges they rack up, they can add friends and do whatever else they do to their hearts’ content, whether they’re in front of their PC or not. While surely MySpace is looking at this deal (and mobile in general) with dollar signs in its eyes, there are a few questions. First, do exclusive deals like this really work very well? The idea that one single feature — particularly when it’s data or content — is attractive enough to get mobile users to switch operators remains unproven (just ask ESPN). But things get even more complicated as operators carve out exclusive deals to different popular sites. For instance, what if a user likes both MySpace and YouTube? Cingular’s got the MySpace deal, but Verizon has exclusivity with YouTube. The likely answer is that they’ll stay with their current provider, and seek out third-party solutions that allow mobile access — often free of charge — to these services. For instance, T-Mobile says that MySpace is the most popular web site among users of its Sidekick devices, while compatibility with MySpace and other social sites is a main selling point of the latest version of the free Opera Mini mobile browser. So by charging for the “official” mobile application, all MySpace could really be doing is raising the profile of mobile data and content services and creating an opportunity for other people to capitalize on it.

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Comments on “Thx 4 Tha Ad(vertising), MySpace”

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Carlo (user link) says:

Re: Sidekick

Sorry, I should have cited this WSJ story there.

“While tricky to reach before the launch of the service with Cingular, MySpace already has proved to be a popular destination on cellphones. The site has consistently been among the top five search terms on Cingular’s wireless portal. T-Mobile USA, owned by Deutsche Telekom AG, says MySpace is the most popular site among its customers who use Sidekick, a mobile device that allows for relatively easy text messaging and Web browsing.”

PhysicsGuy says:

my space is for egotistical losers who think having “friends” on a list makes them cool. aside from the handful of people who actually use it to contact old friends (which can be done in a number of other ways), there’s no real point to myspace except to polish one’s delusion of grandeur. it’s all about the stage in life that occurs prior to realizing that superficial relationships are meaningless.

Dick says:

PhysicsGuyIsRight has no friends either

I know this guy too and he is a tool. No one likes him and he never can get a joke. He smells and his mom dresses him funny.

You know myspace had more hits than ebay and is right under Google as the most visited website. I don’t think there are that many emo kids out there. Maybe some people don’t get it because it is a social networking website and they have no social skills anyway.

MrShoop says:

not really exclusive

It is exclusive like Winning 11 is exclusive on Xbox – for a limted tim in a limited region. Article says, “MySpace says the partnership with Cingular, a joint venture between AT&T Inc. and BellSouth Corp., is exclusive for several months. MySpace says it is likely to roll out partnerships with the other major wireless carriers next year.”

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