Australian Court Says Putting Event Tickets On eBay Is Perfectly Legal

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We’ve been noting recently way too many attempts by people or companies to retain control of their products after they’ve been sold. The fact that it’s been allowed with digital products continues to spread into other products as well. Down in Australia, it seems the court has put a stop to one such plan, telling the organizers of a big concert series that they can not ban the sale of tickets on eBay as they had tried to do. In fact, the court ordered them to pay eBay’s legal fees. It’s not clear, of course, why eBay was even involved here, as it would seem like the type of dispute that would be directly between the ticketsellers and the concert organizers — however, it looks like eBay just wanted to make it clear that it was okay to sell tickets on the site. Of course, the concert organizers could have just taken a page from other event organizers by claiming that eBay was “profiteering on the backs of the impoverished” in order to make people feel guilty enough to stop.

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Comments on “Australian Court Says Putting Event Tickets On eBay Is Perfectly Legal”

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John Leghorn says:

Only matters in America

This is only a concern in America where diaper wearing adults (football fans) see a better seat than what they have being sold at the front gates when they get there.

Thanks to American cry babies, this mentality has spread across the world.

Please do us all a favor here in the states, show that we don’t actually have that much influence through our crappy game of Football and all the losers that come associated with it. Please show us you ARE better than that. Thanks.

John Leghorn says:

Re: Re: Only matters in America

They only riot across the pond huh? I seem to remember MANY news stories of rioters in America over their football teams that WON.

Explain that to me? The fans are so stupid and childish that they have to tear apart whole city blocks because their team won?

Gee, you must be right. Our football is much more civil. At least the people across the pond USE THEIR FEET…

Wizard Prang (user link) says:

Here's another example...

…of a corporate interest trying to control the free market.

While I don’t like the idea of ticket scalpers, the idea that they can control something after it has been sold is asinine.

If they really want to do something about this problem, perhaps they should start offering refunds on tickets…

Anonymous Coward says:

This is not a good decision

This is good how? You might have noted that the judge called the decision “unfortunate”. I think banning the reselling of tickets outright would be good for consumers and performers.

It’s not as if reselling makes tickets cheaper, performers more money or helps the underprivileged get access to events they otherwise wouldn’t. It creates artificial scarcity, raises prices, locks out poorer fans, encourages fraud and puts money into the pockets of people who deserve it the least.

TechNoFear (profile) says:

No so clean cut...

It is disturbing that the creator of the event (Promoter) can not set the conditions on the product they sell.

EBAY refused to withdraw tickets when asked to by the promoter.

This case is all about the change from ‘MAY’ to ‘WILL’.

If you buy a ticket from EBAY to the Big Day Out it ‘may’ be canceled at the gate. My feeling is, that after/because of this ruling, it is going to be 100% of tickets re-sold on EBAY will be canceled.

As it was bought with the scalpers details (CC) the refund goes to the scalper, not the ticket holder.

So I would be VERY wary of buying a BDO ticket from EBAY.

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