Dead Musicians Write No Songs… But They Sure Can Sign Petitions Protecting Copyright Extension

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Remember yesterday when we were talking about the petition a bunch of musicians and record industry types supposedly signed in the UK in favor of extending copyrights on recordings beyond 50 years? Larry Lessig has noticed that at least a few of the “signatures” happen to come from musicians who are quite dead already, which might make you question the legitimacy of the other signatures as well. As Lessig notes, however, perhaps he was wrong in pointing out that extending copyright after the music has been made has no incentive on songs created 50 years ago. After all, if dead men can sign petitions from the grave, perhaps they can write new 50-year-old songs.

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Comments on “Dead Musicians Write No Songs… But They Sure Can Sign Petitions Protecting Copyright Extension”

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brwyatt says:

Suing dead people, suing people without computers (or internet), now dead people signing petition in favor of those jerks… I wouldn’t mind all this bull if they weren’t jerks about it… I partly understand why they are mad at downloading music and copyright laws… but the way they are handling it is really bad… instead of trying to think about how they can either use this to their advantage and work with the fans, they decided to use it to get as much money as they can from everyone. Not only that, but the record companies take most of the money from CDs and sale of online downloads and the artist gets very little, however the artists real money comes from tours anyway… the RIAA is upset at THEIR OWN profits, any complaint about artist’s profits is somewhat BS…

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