Criminals Want To Use Your PS3's Processing Power… And Other Tales To Keep You Up At Night

from the be-afraid,-be-very-afraid dept

There are companies out there that make their money by keeping you very, very afraid of all that new technology out there. That isn’t to say that there aren’t new security concerns from new technologies, but there seems to be a tendency to hype the risk well before it’s clear that it’s really a serious risk. There are some firms that have a long history of doing this. Meta Group was especially famous for once saying that all companies should ban all cameraphones from their offices — which seemed both extreme and shortsighted, since there are plenty of benefits to cameraphones as well. Sometime after that, Gartner bought Meta Group, and they seem to have learned how to overhype the threat of new technologies from them. First, there was the big threat of iPods in the office, and now Gartner is warning everyone that criminals want your PS3s. It’s not to steal them and resell them, but they want to access the processing power on your brand new PS3 for a new generation of botnets. Now, it’s certainly possible at some point that this will become an issue — but it seems a little early to make that claim without any real evidence that this is happening.

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Comments on “Criminals Want To Use Your PS3's Processing Power… And Other Tales To Keep You Up At Night”

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Anonymous Coward says:


Admiral Adama has it right on the Galactica. Networks = bad.

Real world take-away: Powerful, intelligent firewalls, antivirus and secure practices.

If some n00b turns off his computers firewall, and disable WEP and hardware based firewalls on his router because some other n00b told him it lowers his ping (or some other such silly thing), do I feel bad that hackers walk through the gaping hole left open by these people spreading their legs to the whole intarweb? Nope.

Gmail filters the spam mighty fine.

Someone says:


I can’t help thinking of only one thing at the prospect of PS3 botnets; GIMPS for the PS3, anyone? All that processing power just sitting there! I think they should develop and release free arcade style games – tetris and the like – and they’d do GIMPS work in the background, or SETI, or the drugs research for that matter. Not to mention the prospect of the prizes for the larger (>10k digit) primes, better odds of winning in a given month than the lottery.

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