Yucking It Up With Terrorists Online

from the seriously? dept

Not quite sure what to make of this one. You tend not to think of terrorists as having much of a sense of humor. After all, it often seems like part of the problem is their lack of a sense of the absurd about what they’re doing. The more people learn to laugh at themselves, you would hope, the less likely it seems they are to go on a rampage blowing up others. However, it appears that terrorist organizations are learning that in the internet age, ads are content too. Rather than long, boring speeches by their leaders, they too are looking to make use of the latest in user generated content: specifically putting up “animated videos, comedy clips and Top 10 video lists” in an effort to recruit new terrorists. Of course, this will only increase the belief from some (who seem to have a lack of humor of their own) who like to blame the internet for terrorist activities. Instead, though, perhaps it’s an opportunity to use the same tools to convince people to stay away from such activities.

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Comments on “Yucking It Up With Terrorists Online”

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Dosquatch says:

Re: Who are the terrorists?

The real reason they want to die is because they can’t get laid, can’t get a job, get treated like shit at home.

Must the actions of everyone on the planet be explained by filtering them through the framework of US values? Could it be that people have motivations that don’t involve big bank rolls and strings of one night stands?

This is a remarkable rectocranial conjoinment, even for you.

Charles Griswold (user link) says:

Re: ... the virgins ...

Here’s a joke that’s been going around:

After crashing his plane into the World Trade Center, Mohammed Atta wakes up on the other side expecting the material Muslim paradise. He is approached by a tall dignified man in blue and buff who delivers a devastating punch and says, “That is for what you have done to my country!” he is followed by a slender, red headed man who does much the same thing. they are followed by many others, some in blue uniforms, some in grey, some in civilian dress. The last is a black man carrying a tennis raquet who delivers a smashing back hand which sends Atta over the lip of the chasm which has opened up revealing the fires below. As he falls he crys out, “I martyred myself and killed many infidels for Allah, What about my 72 Virgins?” To which a Voice from Above replys, “Virgins? No, you misunderstood. I said 72 Virginians.”

SimplyGimp says:

If It Was Humor...

I honestly don’t see a lot of ‘comedy’ clips making it to these suspected websites. More than likely, it’ll be a place where they can upload recorded successful attacks against their enemies and be able to share in “all the glory” with everyone else. You can actually already find example of these videos easily on YouTube. Videos such as guerrilla forces shooting a helicopter from the sky and then cheering about it.

I could be wrong though, maybe there is some sort of secret terrorist blooper reel.

ehrichweiss says:

Re: family guy

kuro, how dare you tell someone to search for something. You’re supposed to provide links or you will be permanently labeled as someone who thinks differently from those who need their info spoonfed to them.


Sorry, just had to vent for a sec cause every time I tell someone to search for something that’s super simple they come across like typing two words into google is the hardest thing they’ve done and that *I* should be responsible for their education for the day. Well my teaching is typically….learn it yourself dammit, I don’t always have time to find your precious “citations” if they’re freakin’ obvious.

[end rant]

PS. *yawn* at dorpus…sheesh.

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