Attention Publishers: Copyright Law Isn't Something Flexible Where You Get To Set The Rules

from the this-again? dept

There’s just something about the nature of intellectual property law that seems to make people believe it gives them a lot more power (and flexibility to define their power) than it really does. We see this quite often with bogus trademark claims, but it’s often seen with copyrights as well. Last month, we pointed to the case where a website’s copyright notice pretended it had the right to prevent fair use just by saying it was so. Now, Michael Geist has noticed that a travel guide he recently purchased has a copyright notice inside that again makes claims about what the owner can do with the book that seem to fall well outside the official limits of copyright — including things like banning fair use photocopying. It’s not even a case where the book publisher is asserting that the book has a separate license. Instead, it claims that these things are forbidden under Canadian (in this case) copyright law — which they’re not. For very good reasons, this upsets Geist, who worries about people and companies who seem to believe they can simply claim what copyright law means when it’s much more limited. Of course, in this age when the legal profession and the media keeps talking up the wonders of ever more aggressive intellectual property protection, is it any wonder that this is what we end up with?

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Comments on “Attention Publishers: Copyright Law Isn't Something Flexible Where You Get To Set The Rules”

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Anonymous Coward says:

You may not read this post

It is against my rules for you to read this post. Because I am making my own rules here, I hereby DEMAND 5$ from anyone who does read it in return for a “protection” license. If you choose to not buy into my “protection” license will be sued for 1000x the cost of the cheap 5$ license.

nervously 21st Century says:

Its the EULA Stupid

The problem started with the retarded decision by Congresss allowing software EULA’s to be binding on consumers after they click an “OK” button.

Congress should be forced to change it’s decision before the effects spread far and wide and destroy all of civilization, which it is in the process of doing now.

Good luck.

dataguy says:

good question

“is it any wonder that this is what we end up with?”

Where are we going to end up? Will we have to live with our eyes covered at all times? Once you “see” someone’s IP, they are automatically granted a percentage of your income, and your estate, for the privilege of having “enjoyed” the benefit of their IP…

We not greed knows no bounds but does our legal system?

Ajax 4Hire (profile) says:

EULA = End User License Agreeement

EULA = End User License Agreeement

A truly egregious concept;
Great for businness;
before entering this restaurant you agree to like the food and service and pay promptly.

A software EULA typically forces you to agree to like the software and prohibits you from making negative comments in the public forum about the software even if the comments are true.

I’d like to say I did not like the tofu burger but then I would be sued by “Tofu Burger & Grazing”.

Anonymous Coward says:

By reading this post, you have agreed to pay me $100.00. You are also responsible for tracking me down and making any and all arrangements, including and fees and charges, to pay the money to me. Failure to do so will result in punitive action of becoming an employee of the RIAA and MPAA, with the corresponding drop in IQ, EQ and social status.

Thank you.

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