Burger King Betting That You'll Want To Go See Burger King, The Movie

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For years and years and years, we’ve been trying to get advertising execs to recognize that ads are content. That is, as the concept of the captive audience goes away thanks to increasing media options and our “always on” society, companies can no longer get away with intrusive, annoying advertisements, and really need to work much harder on figuring out to make advertising that people want. Some companies, clearly, get this. Companies like BMW, Honda and American Express all figured this out early on, but it appears there’s a new crop of companies that have all come to this realization as well — with many of them deciding to create their own original entertainment content that they hope people actually want to see. This means companies like Anheuser-Busch are creating their very own TV network, BudTV. Office Max has created its very own TV show, a reality show about kids getting ready for school, and had it air on ABC’s Family channel. And don’t think it’s all about product placement, either. Pepsi and Mountain Dew recently produced a snowboarding movie that ran in theaters — but barely mentioned either drink, noting that it would have only been a distraction. On another such show, Unilever created the show, but held off on any advertising tie-in until after the show was off the air — and then used the characters from the show in their ads. Of course, not all of the content is so subtle. Burger King is (no, really) making a movie that use their King character as the star. That seems a bit more risky, but does explain some of the odder Burger King commercials recently. Also, this wouldn’t be Burger King’s first experiment in the blurring line between ads and content, as they had a huge hit with their “subservient chicken” online time-waster game a little while ago, and last month announced they were going to be releasing some video games for the Xbox. While some people may get upset about this blurring, it’s actually not such a bad thing. After all, when it’s content in this form, you have the choice whether or not to watch it. When it comes in intrusive and annoying ways, it’s a lot harder to avoid it.

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Comments on “Burger King Betting That You'll Want To Go See Burger King, The Movie”

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xxl3w says:


I don’t know if it’s because I’m in a bad mood or what, but this sounds extremely risky and not a very good idea. Why does Burger King need advertising? Other than specials they’re running or a new kid’s toy, it sounds useless for them. That’s like advertising Wal-mart. About the fry conversation. I enjoy both Mcdonald’s and Burger King. Both of them have their on and off days, but Captain D’s has the best, consistent fries.

Anonymous Coward says:

I work at burger king in Hillsboro (outside of Portand, OR). I myself am black. I get two black customers a week average. 75% of my custy’s are brown, (hispanic if we are getting past the crayon descriptions..) And of those hispanics, 50% percent of them don’t speak english, and I am forced to say ‘No habla ESPANOL’ when they start ordering in Spanish. F’n annoying. It all depends where your @ dorpus.

paphia says:

Re: Xbox games?

oh yeah I remember the McDonald’s nintendo game….vaguely though, it was disturbing!

that game was one of the first things I thought of when I was reading this article. are there / have there been any other food brand games like that?

in our country’s present pc/health/sue friendly society, would there be parent groups decrying that such a game is responsible for kids being overweight?

would they make the same claims against a movie?

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