FTC Finally Throws The Book At Zango

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Could it be that the long saga of Zango, formerly known as 180 Solutions, coming to an end? The company, as you’ll recall, is one of the most notorious and relentless distributors of spyware, which like many others in the business has made some <href=”https://www.techdirt.com/articles/20050907/0218214.shtml”>half-hearted attempts at cleaning up its act. But it seemed like only a matter of time before the law would eventually catch up to it, particularly since the FTC recently started cracking down on spyware vendors. Today comes the good news that Zango has agreed to a substantial fine from the FTC with the promise that never surreptitiously install software on users’ computers. The terms of the deal, and definition of spyware, seem pretty direct so it’s doubtful that the company will be able to find much wiggle room, though we imagine they’ll try, no doubt claiming that this time it’s reformed for real. Still, it’s hard to imagine that without the sneaky installs the company will have much of a business to speak of.

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Comments on “FTC Finally Throws The Book At Zango”

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just me says:

A fine on these people is not enough. It is no more than a slap on the hand to them. The abusers online need to spend some time in jail. Then hit them with fines that make them cry.

I am worried that most of the spyware vendors, and so on will leave the Country, and head to places that either don’t care, or don’t have the resources to stop them.

Many give up on their computers, and either sell them, or give them to other family members because of the malware online.

It use to be you could take about a month to learn enough about computers, and you could go ahead and purchase it, and learn as you go.

You can’t do that anymore. Now days, you have to have full security software on your computer, and you have to know enough in order to run the software. Or your computer can be compromised within minutes of going online.

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