Innovative Funding Strategy: Steal Employees' IDs, Apply For Loans And Credit Cards In Their Names

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It’s one thing to be the victim of identity theft where the crook uses your identity to get loans, lines of credit and credit cards, but it’s taken to an entirely different level when it’s the CEO of a well-known company, and the victims are his employees. That’s apparently what happened with Compulinx. Apparently, the company needed some money, and rather than raising it the old-fashioned way, the CEO and his nephew are accused of taking the data they had on file of some of the company’s 50 employees, and using them to get loans, lines of credit and credit cards. The employees were apparently totally unaware that their CEO was pretending to be them, and sometimes claiming (falsely) that they were officers of the company.

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Comments on “Innovative Funding Strategy: Steal Employees' IDs, Apply For Loans And Credit Cards In Their Names”

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RantMax says:

Everyone has a shot at being an idiot

When you plan to commit a crime, you need to sit down and plan an exit strategy.

If you’ll end up failing and going to jail 100%, why go through all the effort and ruin countless other lives (for the purpose of this post: public int countless = 50).

Well, because you’re an idiot. You embark on a glorious journey to save your precious company by committing identity theft which will 100% be discovered and the evidence pointing at you from all directions.

And this is why, there’s no much point discussing all this. Idiots are born every second. Due to some complex processes of chance, chaos, various circumstances, some of them end up CEO’s of their own companies.

And then as idiots, they do something idiotic. It’s still sad, but nothing out of the ordinary.

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