Poll Says Cellphones Still Aren't Killing Political Polls

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For some time there’s been a lot of concern about what effect the rise of the cellphone-only demographic would have on the business of political polling. And every time election day gets near, you can count upon pundits and articles about how the polls might not be reliable this year, because they’re missing all of these people that don’t have land lines anymore. Well according to a new, er, poll, the cell phones are yet to have a significant impact on on polling. Not only is the cellphone-only population still not that large, but people who only have cellphones are less likely to be registered to vote, probably due to the fact that this population skews younger. Still, with more people going to cellphones and VoIP phones, eventually the polling industry is going to have to confront this issue. Expect to hear all these stories again in ’08.

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Comments on “Poll Says Cellphones Still Aren't Killing Political Polls”

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Jamie says:

Re: Likely whitewashing??

Hate to say it, but polls are inaccurate. Though it has nothing to do with Cell phones. If you have ever studied how polling is done, you will realize that polls can be skewed to prove almost anything by modifying the following: Order of questions asked, wording of questions, accent of questioner, gender of questioner, time of day the question was asked, and the list goes on. The parameters and the effects of those parameters are clearly documented and researched. That is why polls (especially during an election year) can be completely above board and still be contradictory.

Oh, and by the way. The article was not saying that polls are inaccurate. It was actually saying that Cell phone use was not affecting the accuracy of Polls.

Rick says:

I only have a cellphone and a VOIP account with Skype (with an incoming phone number). I like not having annoying pollsters calling twice a week.

I’m also NOT ‘younger’ at 36 years of age. I’m actually old enough to be president and I do vote. I know of at least 4 other people very similar to myself, without landlines.

It sounds like the pollsters just don’t want to admit cell phones are affecting the accuracy…

novernetsbandit says:

cell phones?

I seen a story like this the otherday about Minnesota how we are one of the largest Cell Phone only states. I myself (24) only have cell phone and my Parents 60’s are about to do the same. They have wrote there xmas letters and emails with the wording that there home phone # for the last 26 years will no longer be active as of Jan 31 2007. I know alot of older couples and singles doing the same. They all agree that the polls are mainly taken from landline phones and also telemarketing calls. thats why they are dropping that line.
So skewed polls becuase of loss of landlines is happening just not to the affect that we should give a rats tail yet!

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