Has Verizon Wireless Violated Its Own Terms Of Service In Its Own TV Commercial?

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Over the last year, Verizon Wireless has been repeatedly slammed online for their misleading tactic of selling their wireless EVDO service as “unlimited” but then cutting off users who use too much. For a while this was a “fuzzy cap” where they wouldn’t even tell you how much. It was estimated at 10gigs per month, though more recent comments from the company suggest that it’s actually 5 gigs. As for why this isn’t false advertising, Verizon Wireless execs have been doing some fancy footwork to explain how they mean “unlimited amounts of data for certain types of data.” Then, they claim that if you use more than 5 gigs a month, the only way you could possibly be doing so is if you’ve been using that data that isn’t unlimited — and, in fact, isn’t allowed. That would include things like videos. Understood? They claim it’s “very clear.” Apparently, however, it’s not so clear to whoever Verizon Wireless had create their TV advertisements. PCS Intel is noting that a new TV commercial for the Motorola Q phone on Verizon Wireless shows it streaming video — which, if you recall, is a big no-no, and the type of thing that will get you kicked off the network. There are some cases where you can stream video: if you are watching it through Verizon Wireless’ walled garden “V-CAST” service — but PCS Intel points out that V-CAST isn’t actually available on the Motorola Q. So, at what point does it become false advertising? They talked their way out of the phrase “unlimited” by using corporate doublespeak. How do they explain away their own commercial showing people streaming video against their terms of service?

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Comments on “Has Verizon Wireless Violated Its Own Terms Of Service In Its Own TV Commercial?”

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some1better says:

Re: Who cares?

Well, in all actuality “tech_guy”… you must not be looking at some of the latest phones out there. I personally own the Cingular 8125, and I really enjoy the movies I can put on my phone. I’ve been able to put several movies on my 2GB SD-mini and enjoy them during flights to my other offices. And as far as sound quality… I put in my headphones and it’s crystal clear and sometimes even feels like it’s in surround sound (depending on the level of decoding). Note: The Cingular 8125 is the HTC Wizard and comes with stereo headphones.


Re: Who cares?

watch out they also advertise with such phones as the motorola Q that pix/flix msg are twenty five cents sent twenty five cents recived in actulalty if you send pix/flx with a pda/smartphone it access the evdo network and if you are on a pay per kilobyte package yøu get charged the cent charge for the msg as well as the kilo byte usage. read the fine print!!!!!

Capped says:

They Lie

They always do.They advertise as unlimited, because most users who sign up for unlimited services actually use very little.

It’s the same with Cablevision broadband service…. they tell you it’s unlimited use, uploading or downloading, but then when you crest the mysterious threshold, you get cut off.

In both cases, they will not tell the end user what the limits are, but leave you high and dry with no explanation. Then force you to beg to be let back on.

Anonymous dude says:

Simple...they lie

They also claim to be the most reliable network. However, I tried them for 14 days, with no trouble. Mysteriously, after I was locked into a contract, my service started to suck, and I had more dropped calls in those 2 years than I’ve ever had on any other cellular network.

They pump hogwash into their commercials, it’s that simple.

David E Housholder says:

The "unlimited" isn't just for phones

Others have commented that streaming video is not a real option for cell phones. But the EVDO (not really fast enough for streaming video anyway) is what is also accessed by the wireless cards that can be used in a notebook computer.

So if I’m at a client using my $80 per month “unlimited” data to stream a company training video for the client I would hope that’s a legitimate use.


Sanguine Dream says:

See kiddies...

This is why people have a hard time believing the notion that the cell phone will evolve into the multimedia powerhouse that some companies want us to believe.

And I also agree with comment #1. The sound and picture quality on cell phones isn’t all that great (yet). As much as I enjoy technology somethings just haven’t been intergrated that well yet. Now when someone develops a cell phone with a internal harddrive, mp3 player with at least the sound qaulity of an mp3 player, a video player of good quality, no DRM, and a reasonable price then I’ll look into it. I do realize that the perfect solution won’t just fall from the sky, so I guess these vain attempts are almost necessary…

Robert Olney says:

Verizon Wireless

I have been locked in a contract with them for a while. They have a really nasty habit of lying to you, even in your face at the sales store.

Example: I recently was taken off my parent’s plan and decided to get my own. The guy went over all the charges with me, and added that he was giving me Unlimited IN messaging + 2500 outside messages, the unlimited messaging included Mobile IM, as it was a service provided by Verizon and built into the phone, unable to be uninstalled.

The bill comes in! He lied about the charges straight off. Apparently since I was coming off of my parent’s contract and getting my own, they decided to do something called a “partial month” which, for only 2 weeks I had to pay an extra 100.00. Why you ask? Because for those 2 weeks they only provided me with 50 minutes without telling me.

Then since I stayed logged on Mobile IM for MSN and AIM, Mobile IM constantly reloads your buddy list. Next thing I know, I have sent maybe 30 messages or so, and I am reading 4000 text messages per month. I call them up and say “4000 text messages is humanly impossible when I have 2 jobs!”. She states:

“Oh, that’s not included in your contract. I know the guy at the store said it was but it isn’t. And although its not written that its not included, but it is a service, it’s not in your contract because if we were to write everything that wasn’t included, we would have a contact 10 pages.”

Well no shit, maybe they should start either telling the truth up front, or writing EVERYTHING in black and white.

Can you say lawsuit?

Wizard Prang (user link) says:

Re: Only if you recorded the conversation.

Moral: The salesman will tell you ANYTHING to get the sale.

Not long ago a salesman was pushing a cut-price DSL package. I smelled a rat, so I pulled out my PDA and said “This conversation will be recorded. Please state your name for the record.”

He refused to say another word, and I asked him to leave.

AMP says:

Re: Re: Only if you recorded the conversation.

Maybe he left because you are a freak, who pulls out a PDA and starts recording a conversation??? The reason sales people lie is because they know that nobody will read the contract. As stated in earlier posts, read the contract if you want to understand exactly what is in the service.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Re: Only if you recorded the conversation.

Maybe he left because you are a freak, who pulls out a PDA and starts recording a conversation???

A little defensive there, aren’t you? I bet I can guess what you do for a living.

As stated in earlier posts, read the contract if you want to understand exactly what is in the service.

And don’t forget to have a competent contract lawyer look it over and explain all the implications to you first.

Wizard Prang (user link) says:

Re: Re: Re: Only the guilty have something to hide.

“Maybe he left because you are a freak, who pulls out a PDA and starts recording a conversation???”

If holding a salesman to his word is enough to get me labeled as a freak then I will wear the label with price – though I prefer the term “Geek”.

“The reason sales people lie is because they know that nobody will read the contract.”

So now you are defending salesmen lying to get the deal? You have my sympathy.

The point is not whether the contract supersedes the sales pitch – it is that sales scum lie and don’t like to be held to account.

I have seem too many friends suckered by door-too-door DSL salesmen suckered by “$19.95/month DSL” deals that mysteriously switched to $35/month after the first couple of months.

Thomas Hessel says:

Data Limits are 5GB

Well you are correct in your assumption of the data limit being 5GB, if you hit that point they investigate exactly what you are downloading and then contact you to see if its business oriented, because if it is then your ok. However if your just a personal user using EV-DO as your personal broadband watch out. I’d much rather have Sprint’s EV-DO Rev A network with actual unlimited bandwidth.

Sean F says:

Re: Data Limits are 5GB

Unless you are either a lawyer or actually plan to sue them, don’t make legal threats. I understand everyone on the internet believes they understand the ins and outs of the legal system, but they don’t.

Second of all, if you are going to say lawsuit, you should follow it up. Don’t make idle threats you certainly won’t pursue, especially lawsuits against companies with pockets deeper than yours.

Ex-Sprint End User says:

"Spunt's Unlimted" net

yeah fred, I actually called sprint about their unlimited internet service and they told me it was limited to 10MB/month down 1MB up, and I call that a severe limit. they said it was plin and clear how thier “unlimited” service was so steeply limited, but I had the last laugh when they turned off my phone and ended my contract for no reason. HAHAHAHA… fuckers

chris (profile) says:

grow up

why can’t you crybabies just buy the service for $80 a month and then not use it like you’re supposed to? the problem with america is that people insist on getting what they pay for. double digit quarterly growth doesn’t happen by giving people what they pay for.

you are all fools to think that “unlimted” means “without limits” just like you think “absolutely free” means completely without cost. i suppose next you will be demanding that “lifetime” means “until you die” and that “mail in rebate” means that you will get your money back in the mail.

instead of arguing over semantics, just hand the money over and do it quietly.

Joseph says:


for those who have a problem with cell phone carriers in general. I work at Best Buy in the wireless department, and here is something that I have learned from this experience. If you go into a carrier store and believe anything they say, then you are a moron. A complete IDIOT! Carrier store’s work on commision. They make money by selling you the phone, the plan, and the features along with that plan. They will tell you anything you want to hear, because what happens after you leave that store(like your huge phone bill) doesn’t affect them. They know that you’ll be calling customer service and not coming to them to get it straightened out.

So do yourselves a favor and don’t be ignorant customers. It’s your own fault if you get screwed over and there’s nothing you can do about it.

Darstan says:


Companies are all about making the most money they can possibly make even if it means lying and cheating your customers out of their money. We as the consumer need to put our foot down when they do this to us. But as a people we don’t.

This is why gas prices in the US soared to almost $3.00 for the entire summer but now have dropped to under $2.00. How could this price drop occur if refineries are still not at 100% manufacturing capacity. That is simple Prices did not need to increase the amount they did the oil companies just found an opportunity to make more money and we went along with it.

Verizon and other corporations are not going to stop deceiving people to make extra money as long as we role over and let them do it. The only way we as a people are going to stop their shady business practices is if we take a stand as a group against what they are doing.

Some where along the line people forgot that we have the power to control these companies not the other way around. These companies rely on it customers to make money if it has no customers it makes no money and ceases to exist so they are going to do what we want to make us happy. We just need to speak up and let them know we are unhappy.

pvilleSE says:

Sprint did naughty tricks similar

When it was just coming about that you could hook your computer up to your phone and use the phones internet on your computer, I jumped on board with sprints G3 ‘unlimited’ internet. The first few months we just used it on the phones and then started using it on the computer and all of a sudden got a huge add-on on my bill, I called up all pissed and told them the store rep told me this was unlimited internet. The customer service rep then pointed out that there is a small print clause saying that it was only unlimited on the phone and unlimited at night for the computer but otherwise I payed per bit of download and upload. All these companies are trying to make a buck anyway they can screw it out of you.

austindkelly says:

Re: Idiots again

joseph: i really like how you say we are all idiots for buying stuff from the carrier stores.

it seems that everytime i goto into bestbuy i cant get any of you highschooler to help me, let alone be knowlageable about what you are selling me.

hell even your managers are generally ass holes that dont care. i have walked across the street to circuit city over a dozen times when the customer service at bestbuy was inadiquite.

one of my recent walk across the street cuz best buy sales staff knows nothing about anything in the store was for a $3400.00 TV

so when bestbuy steps up to the plate and actually does know more than the carrier stores then you can call us all idiots

pvilleSE says:

A little more about my sprint story

Oh and to Joseph’s comment, I bought these sprint phones from BestBuy and atleast back then, they were not on commision. So lying to the customer would do them no good other than to loose customers. I know research everything electronic device I buy and then purchase it online, its cheaper. Those stupid store reps who lye and don’t even benefit are just causing customers to stop shopping at local stores and putting an end to their own jobs. If people are not honest in the store there soon will be no need for local stores. People shop there so they can get knowledge from a “trusted” individual but if you guys cannot be trusted then there is no need to shop in an actual store.

stupid_store_reps says:

Re: A little more about my sprint story

If you are a rep at a store and I ask you a question and all you do is pick up the box and start reading…YOU ARE NOT ADDING ANY VALUE TO THE CONVERSATION…i think most bestbuy/circuit city, etc. workers are completely untrained in the areas that they serve. One of the few places you might actually get help is in the car audio section cuz that WT kid is just there for the discount so he can pimp his ride. Go ask that kid, he’ll have the answer. Everyone else is pretty much worthless, so do your own research!!

Jerry S. (user link) says:

Keep Selling...

As a wireless salesperson for a Cingular Agent, I can tell you the biggest rule in wireless (or any other) sales job is “Keep Selling Until The Customer Stops Buying”.

That said, unless your livelihood hinges on using these bloated, overpriced services…. DON’T BUY THEM! The definition of cost is the amount someone is willing to pay for a given something. This means that as long as everyone keeps eating up the newest tech fed to them at whatever price it’s being offered, the prices will go up, while carrier responsibility for it will continue to diminish.

Nick says:

Read the Contract

Read your contracts, nothing your salesman tells you means anything. Its all in the contract. Pretty crappy, sure. I don’t work with cell phones, but work for a service with contracts much like the cell comapnies. I’m in customer service and have to deal with complaints about sales people all the time, disregard whatever they tell you. Read the contract.

pvilleSE says:

People working in the store are for the customer

You guys all talk about making the most from a customer or sell what ever you can to the customer. I work in customer service(face to face) for 5 years. And in those five years I realized that being honest to a customer and telling him/her the limits of my knowledge on somehthing and only selling them what they wanted, maybe more than what they needed if they wanted more than what they needed but I usually told them that. And you know my customers and my boss loved me, those custmers all became repeat customers and in the end the store made more money from my honesty than back when I convinced people they needed to spend more money. You need to think of people as long term customers if you really want to make the most money from your customer. If you build a customer base you have a guaranteed income. Like when I went to the sprint store and met a rep and he was honest and up-front about everything with me, when ever I needed help with my sprint phone from then on I always went back to him, including refering my relatives and friends to use that specific rep. In the long run he made more money off of me by being honest becuase I sent more customers to him.

Anthony J. Ceravolo says:

Re: Verizon Wireless---legalized highway bank robbers

Less than 9 mos. ago I checked all my bills and Verizon overbilled me to the tune of 768.00

I work for a major corporation…verizon signed up with them to give an 8 percent discount.

My Company rep. had to sign me up…they would not do it. after 2 years I have still to receive my discount.

At first they told me I did not sign up. My company rep. verified that I indeed signed up for it.

They told me they could only go back (1) mo.

I told them to go XXXXXX.

I would not recommend them to anyone. They have to be constantly monitored for incorrect billing..


VerizonCanBlowMe says:

Verizon is the most ignorant phone service ever ..

Not only does verizon lie, cheat and steal whenever possible, they lock your phone, they will sell you services (text messaging for example) at a different rate than advertised. Customer support doesn’t even have a clue when you call them, I’ve got so many “well i dont know why.. answers, its not even funny.

Get a motorola, seem edit your phones, change your proxy for WAP, and make sure you dont use their overpriced shit services. I’ve had my text messaging blocked and hacked the §h1t out of my phone, they are the only phone service in my area that has any type of signal.

Just thought i’d put in a bad comment on the bastards too!

Sanguine Dream says:

How about...

just use it for a phone? Some of these complaints are about peopel trying to use media players, internet, and so forth on their cell phones. Thats how the carriers rope you in. My base service plane is 39.99/mo and after taxes and a few text messages (by my sister) the bill tops at around $50. No major flux. There was a time when I was trying to download ringtones and whatnot and the bill was floating from $50 to as high as $80 on some months. So I just stopped messing with those “cool features” and bought a phone that I lets me make my own ringtones/pics and transfer them over and it only cost me a one-time $30 for the software and cable.

And reading the contract helps a lot. If you don’t like it, move on to the next carrier. One thing to watch out for is if I’m not mistaken don’t most of those contracts have a “We reserve the right to change this agreement without notice.” -like clauses in them?

Joseph says:

More idiots

If you are listening to a teenager who can’t even get a carrier cell phone without their parents then you are an idiot. My point was that we as customers need to research and see for ourselves what we are getting. Don’t rely on idiot salesmen.

For the record, I am not one of those idiot teenagers. I’m a 27 year old man with a wife and child to support. I give good service at my Best Buy and I have many repeat customers because I actually know what I’m talking about.

So to refresh…DO SOME RESEARCH and you’ll know exactly what you’re gonna pay for your service.

Get A Real Job says:

Time to look for a move.

I’m certain you’re well paid at Best Buy too. 0 Commission, Small bonuses(if any), and limited growth potential = failing career path. Do your family a service. Quit your job, get a new that pays more.

The fact is Verizon sucks along with every other RBOC baby. It’s not an acceptable excuse to say, *You’re the idiot customer who didn’t do your research*; good salesmen are good research tools. The dishonesty of a company should not necessitate the onus of all levels of understanding to be on the customer.

Joseph says:

Another Idiot

Wow! You obviously got a good education. I’m impressed with your use of punctuation. It’s quite terrible.

Oh, and I only work Tuesday and Thursday nights. It’s actually not a bad gig. I get a little bit of money on the side and a great discount.

And I quote, you should “get a new job(you forgot that part) that pays more.” Notice, I used quotes instead of asteriks.

dazcon5 says:


This is just another example of stupid people getting f__ked due to their own stupidity, then want to blame anyone within range instead of taking responsibility for themselves.
READ THE CONTRACT you asshats! Dirty salespeople will say anything to separate you from your money.
Yes… Verizon has sucked ass even when it was Bell Atlantic.

victor says:

Re: An actual ad where verizon contradicts themsel

to poster 43, in the ad, it clearly states that unlimited access for internet browsing, email, and intranet access.
As I have learned from experience, people really have to read the fine print.

OTOH, i really don’t like this kind of advertising, where the banner line is different from the details, but I guess it is what it is with advertising everywhere.

Chronno S. Trigger says:

Let me tell you a story

I had a Track-phone that I used so much that I figured I’d buy a plan. I got Verizon since it had IN and I could talk to anyone else with IN free. 1000 any time minutes with free nights and weekends. I read the contract and the fine print. It said for roaming that it used two anytime minutes instead of one. I remember that distinctly because it’s just like track-phone. I went to Virginia for a business trip and talked on my Verizon phone for a total of 5min down there. The next bill was for over $190. I called support and they said it was because of roaming. I quoted the contract I signed for them but they still would not change the bill. I cancelled my account there. They never sent me a bill nor did they let me pay it online. Now my credit is screwed because they just felt like it.

Moral of the story: do your research and read the contract and Verizon will still find a way to screw you, even if it goes against the fine print in the contract.

And yes I knew they would screw me but I figured it was when they charged me $65 per month instead of the advertised $29.99 (Also like in the contract)

So quit yelling at the people who didn’t read because they may have.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Let me tell you a story

Moral of the story: do your research and read the contract and Verizon will still find a way to screw you, even if it goes against the fine print in the contract.

Real moral of the story: Always have a lawyer go over any contract before you sign it. You can bet Verizon had their lawyers go over it.

Fatali says:

How foolish

I cannot believe anyone would be surprised by this. Get with the program. Do you really think a business, who is out to make money, will tell you straight out all the things you are complaining about here? No. As a consumer you are foolish to believe that corporate companies have your best interests in mind. It is your job… no, your responsibility, to get all the information you can about a product or service- get any documents the company offers, read everything, ask around, look around, use the Internet to do research, and know what you are getting in to before you sign any kind of contract.

If you want to watch videos on your phone but are worried about data transfers, get a phone that has a memory card slot, get a memory card, and download the videos with a computer and put them on the card.

Annoying Bastard (user link) says:

Re: How foolish

Yo Fat Ali,

Most of us have jobs.

We simply don’t have the time to perform in-depth analysis every time we make a purchase.

I understand that “Buyer, beware” has it’s place, but at some point the majority of businesses need to quit screwing people over and clearly define what will be covered when someone agrees to one of these bait-and-switch contracts.

As far as alternatives, the only other option is to go pre-paid, which IMHO is more of a pain in the ass (and costly) than its worth.

I guess the next time I’m thinking about buying something I’ll trust you to make the judgement call for me.

Freaking ignoramus…

Fatali says:

Re: Re: How foolish

Annoying Bastard, does butchering someones name make you feel important?

We all have jobs. I’m a tutor, Network Professional, and I also attend college, so don’t speak to me of busy scheduling. You don’t have to do it all at once. Take a week. Research while you eat lunch. If you take public transportation, print things out and read it on your commute. There are ways of being able to do it. It’s the same as in High School and College and having to study for exams while also having what seems like a million things that need to get done.

There is a wonderful thing known as Google. Use it. You can find in-depth analysis on just about anything as well as user feedback.

I agree businesses need to clearly state everything up front, but unfortunately that is unlikely to happen- at least anytime soon.

Annoying Bastard (user link) says:

And as for the service...

I live in Metro D.C. and I’ve been using the PC5740 PCMCIA card hasn’t allowed me to break free from WiFi like the ads would have you believe.

The speed is equivalent to a low-end DSL connection.

If you’re moving, expect pages to fail to load, or just take forever to do so.

The cap is 5 gigs/month. The Washington Post did an expose on it.

I’m still airhacking to get faster, more reliable, UNLIMITED internet access and keep the aircard as a backup in case of an emergency where I may need to get data from clients or our corporate office while I’m on the road and there are no nearby WiFi access points.

SUX to Verizon!

lil'bit says:

Do Corporations care about us?

I have had more or less the same experience as Sanguine Dream, with Verizon. My basic plan is 39.99 and my bill is about $50/mo. If it’s any higher, I know that my own actions – ringtones, games – are the reason. I never go into a store; I do all transactions on line. Through the end of 2004/beginning of 2005, I was changing my plan monthly, as I was looking for work at that time and my usage fluctuated and increased quite a bit.

Obviously, we can count on corporations to look out for our interests, as well as the interests of our country. They must! How else could deregulation be the consumer dream that politicians tell us it is. All that competition in the market place is going to save us so much money!**

** Please remove from your mind any references to Enron, the foisting of unwanted services a la the cell companies, cable television/internet providers, oil and gas producers. They are just weird oddities.

bodhiguy says:

Verizon and Video

I use my Slingbox on my Motorola Q regularly with no issues over the Verizon EVDO network. I imagine that initially parameters were placed on bandwidth utilization over the new network in order to satisfy a corporate feasibility clause?

Over time, I’m almost certain, they will open it up because remember ultimately a ubiquitous broadband connection is what they are aiming for.

Let’s not forget that these carriers are filled with people. People who go to work everyday and try their best to look after the viability and general health of a company that must exist in a society that values competition over cooperation. While at the same time trying to provide the end user with a service that has value over the other guy. I find it very hard to believe that any executive, manager, engineer, or technican wants to provide “less” when it comes to their networks.


Slats says:

Cell Phone Rate Plans

Having just been rescued from a disasterous experience at Cingular, I feel confidant that I did my homework with the remaining carriers out there. I settled on Verizon, bought a Blackberry and did purchase the unlimited Data Package. I am at 5400 KBU and no one has terminated my service, called me up, or seems to give a rat’s rump. I do not believe in threatening anyone with a lawsuit, as we are the most litigious country in the world. But, I would defend my rights and being a Manager at a large law firm does not hurt. So far, Verizon has lived up to their end of the proverbial bargain and I have no issues with them. As a matter of fact, they are aq breath of fresh air compared to the low-lifes at Cingular corporate. I am so far very optimistic about Verizon and will see if this peaceful coexistence continues for the duration of my 2-year contract.

Mike says:

EVDO Cards

Don’t waste your money! I spent several hundreds buying cards antennas and paying for service when I moved out of my house and into an apartment. I thought that while I was building my new house I could use this temporary “UNLIMITED” service for the few months that I was in the apartment. Hell it was expensive but I signed up for a long term contract because I needed internet and thought that the mobility whould help a bit.

Im a computer consultant and having internet is a must so I had to do something. I would consider myself a heavy internet user downloading patches & SDKs, watching training videos, connecting to work, managing servers watching webcasts etc etc. I bought the card and service was so so and so I invested in an external antenna to help boost performance which didn’t do much. I even told the sales rep that I was a heavy user and what I intended to use the service for. He indicated that hey it was UNLIMITED I should have no worries at all.

In a nutshell Verizon cut me off after the first month and a half saying that I was an excessive user and that I must of been streaming media and that was the only explanation of my heavy usage. I like most people did not read the EULA and trusted the sales rep at the store who indicated that UNLIMITED meant UNLIMITED. That is why I was paying extra for the non metered service. When I called in to find out what was going on after being cut off they asked me what I was doing and I told them that I was connecting to my corporate environment via vpn.. using skype a bit, I played a game a couple of times and general internet usage. When I wasn’t using it my wife was using my laptop to run her business as well so we were using our UNLIMITED service in what I would call heavy but normal internet usage. Every one of the items that I had done was a big NO NO in their EULA. The rep told me I was out of luck as far as the current contract was concerned. He then told me while laughing that I could resign up and get knocked off every month if I wanted to. So I was stuck with an expensive card and antenna and Zero service.

Anyway… I’m sick of the advertising and half truths that these companies provide to their customers through their reps.

UNLIMITED means unlimited and they should take the bad with the good. This crap about being able to tether your phone to the computer for service. They tell you that it is unlimited as well if you buy an unlimited plan.. but if you go over on bandwidth or use the computer during the day you pay big or get cut off leaving you with expensive peices of electronic garbage.

I really hope that some big Class Action type lawer gets wind of this and realizes that UNLIMITED means unlimited and decides to take these bastards to court for all of us. I cant wait for one of these adds on TV looking for people that got cut off and are left with equipment that no longer works. Especially after a few of these laptops that have built in cards start getting cut off.

I dont care if I ever see any money.. I just want unlimited service. I want what was advertized. If they advertize tethering to pc and unlimited service I should be able to run it 24/7 if I want to.

I probably would have paid even more for it. but this shutting people off or fucking them over after the fact is just petty

If any of you are stuck with a contract and are not happy with the service just go to YOUTube and entertain yourself for a few hours. Just plan on having a card or phone that you will have to use as a doorstop.

Hopefully you can find some other sucker that will buy it from you. Hey… here is an idea tell them that they can get UNLIMITED internet though it.. That will be a HUGE selling point. Everyone else does.

edward hunter says:

the verizon laptop card is a scam

i bought the thing. used it on my computer and one day, it just stopped working. this article is totally true.
i called up their worthless customer service dept and got the run around. i sent them a letter in an attempt to terminate the contract. in the end, i had to pay them 400+ just to get out of a contract that they couldnt fulfill. DO NOT GET A VERIZON CARD FOR YOUR LAPTOP UNLESS YOU HAVE ALOT OF MONEY AND NO IMPORTANT BUSINESS TO DEPEND ON IT FOR.

Len Allman says:

Deceptive ADS & Poor Service

On Friday, Aug 17, 07 my wife traveled 50 miles to the nearest corporate office to obtain a new phone for one that had been accidentally dampened. Under a two year contract and with a $75.00 per month plan and approx one year left on the contract. She was advised, after examining the damaged phone, that a replacement phone would cost approx $90.00. She received another phone and paid the fee. She was advised by he Sales Rep (Frances) at the Florence, SC Store that my wife should have insurance at the rate of $6.00 per month and a $50.00 deductible. For 2 years that amounts to $144.00 just for insurance, so where is there any advantage for insurance, if the phone only costs $90.00 to replace. She was also advised that if she bought a phone with fewer features (bells and whistles) it could cost her up to $350.00 (go figure). Then, upon reviewing published PLANS in the Verizon office, plans for phones were listed in large print for less prices than available which was printed in small (nearly unreadable) print on the same ad (looks deceptive to me). Then the kicker: My wife asked that she be given the damaged phone which she had paid $150.00 at the start of her current Plan) The Sales Rep (Frances) said: “The phone cannot be returned to the customer, it must be returned to the factory”. WHY? The damaged phone rightfully belongs to my wife who purchase it, yet they insisted it did not. Does Verizon repair the phone and sell it for profit? Summary: Deceptive advertising, illegal retention of personal property, Less than desirable service when needed, excessive distance to service offices, and excessive and unnecessary contracts with penalties for legitimate discontinuance of Verizon Products and Plans. The Government and Better Business Bureau should look hard at this company.

Mr. Pinckney Dammit (user link) says:

This is an open commentary to the braintrust of Verizon Wireless in response to your recent decision to open up your network to any devices, any applications in 2008. I made the decision around 3 or 4 years ago that i needed to switch my phone carrier based on your shady business operations. At the time when the Motorola V710 first came out, i purchased the phone after researching and finding out you can create and use your own ringtones for the phone using a microSD (transflash card) and third party software. The good people in VZW decided to cripple this function, along with bluetooth ability on the phone, due to the greed of wanting their already overpaying customers to restrict them to only buying their ringtone and game applications, or lackthereof. I found this out after the notorious runaround from VZW, and a call over to Motorola Inc. Soon thereafter a class action lawsuit followed concerning this issue. Also after being a loyal customer for many years (as well as a current employee on the landline side) i was not given any significant discount when i wanted to upgrade to a pda phone. In fact, they were charging me $200.00 more than my new provider for the same exact phone, and also charging TWICE as much monthly for the same services i have now with UNLIMITED bandwidth, no strings attached. It was a done deal to switch to another service provider.

More recently after advertising an “unlimited data plan”, you still limited your customers bandwidth for internet access without telling them. Your business operations have not changed and i highly doubt they ever will. Anyone who thinks they can convert their “iCrap” or another phone and think they are getting a “sweet deal”, is in for a rude awakening. Sure, your network is somewhat reliable, but your service plans and optional features amongst other things, leave a lot to be desired.

This commentary probably wont make it on the company eWeb, so i’ll be sure to post it on all the popular cellular phone review websites to alert them your advertising is still a “load” of you know what.

a Disgruntled Former Customer

Patricia Holmes says:

Verizon Wireless LIES about Unlimited Broadband EVDO

I have always had unlimited then last month i get a bill and its almost 2000 grand for my data charges. I homeschool and told them i needed unlimited. They changed the plan without telling me and said i have a 5GB limit. And that they dont have a unlimited anymore, i asked when they changed it from my unlimited to the 5gb and they said they could not remember the date it changed. They charged me all that money and had one stipulation if i would upgrade to 199.99 a month for 10 gb of broadband they would credit my money if not i would get just a partial compensation on the huge amount. I said i received nothing in writing, they said they sent me a letter and they are not responsible for the post office not delivering. I feel royally cheated. I wanted to cancel the broadband and they said they would charge ETF fees and i am just so mad. I hope there are others out there so we can all get together and sue Verizon. They are liars and cheats!!!

Bobby says:

Cheated by Verizon

I found out this evening that I have been cut off at the 5gb limit with a Verizon UM-150 wireless card. If I want more service I would have to purchase another service at an additional $60 per month. I mentioned my “unlimited” plan, but the service tech told me there is a limit. Verizon cheats. It will cost me $90 to cancel my service.

CathyInNH says:

Verizon POS

Verizon violated the terms! I moved to an new location and based on the so called coverage map. The map says I would have cell service. Come to find out that address does not get service and neither does most of the town!. The coverage map clearly says “coverage”. I want to cancel the contract but Verizon want to charge an ETF…who do I complain to about this? CEO, FCC or BBB?

Anthony J. Ceravolo says:

Verizon Wireless---legalized highway bank robbers

My original story has been altered and changed.

Here is the real story. I was overcharged due to Verizon charging me for calls after 930pm. Keep in mind this was when cell phone calls were not free ALL of the time.

Holidays and weekends were free and all calls after 930pm were free as well.

Checking my phone bills I found they were charging me .50 cents a minute for calls that were supposed to be free.

When I caught Verizon cheating me I phoned them and they finally called me 2 months later with their resolvement.

They admitted they made a mistake of 768.00 dollars by over charging me on my bill. IT WAS NO BECAUSE MY EMPLOYER PROVIDED A DISCOUNT IF I HAD A VERIZON PHONE.

They robbed me of 768.00 dollars.

I filed a small claims with the Town of Dewitt N.Y.

As soon as I had filed their attorney contacted me and wanted to settle with me over the phone. She said my money would be refunded to me via FED EX and it would be overnited to me and it would arrive first thing in the morning.

This is their typical corporate behavior….they rob everyone until someone brings them to court …then and only then will they make restitution.

Pitiful Company. I would never do business with them. They are robbing everyone not just me. I also know of at least 3 other people that they’ve done this to.

SO lets get the story straight. Verizon overbilled me. It had nothing to do with my company’s discount.

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