Forget Fantasy Sports, How About Fantasy Politics!

from the how'd-your-draft-go? dept

It’s no secret that fantasy sports has become a huge industry. From what started as a fun diversion for some baseball fans a few decades ago, to one of the most popular hobbies for sports fans (and lucrative businesses for providers) around the world for just about any sport, it’s become incredibly common. However, why stop at sports? Apparently some college students have decided to extend it to another realm, and have created “Fantasy Congress” to let political buffs draft their favorite politicians and score points based on the progress of legislation they propose (no word on how many points you get if your politician is forced to resign in disgrace). It’s sort of somewhere halfway between fantasy sports and one of those futures betting markets that have become so popular these days. The creators seem quite idealistic about the whole thing, hoping that if people pay more attention to our politicians and the laws they’re proposing we’ll get better government. That would certainly be nice. Of course, in sports, while it is true that fantasy sports has rejuvenated interest in various sports, it’s also created something of a money grab. Remember how Major League Baseball has been claiming that any fantasy sports league needs to pay it for the rights? Next thing, we’ll be hearing complaints from politicians that they’re not being reimbursed for the use of their likeness and their bills…

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Comments on “Forget Fantasy Sports, How About Fantasy Politics!”

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Jerry S (user link) says:

Re: The Sims - Congress Version

Because we are depressed enough watching REAL people make bad decisions. We don’t need a cartoonized mock up of the same.

Aside from that, all I’d ever do with Sims Congress would be to remove the doors of the building, remove the vending machines and bathrooms, light a cigarette and prepare to be amused.

Benny Boy says:

Re: interesting

Or how our government /should/ work instead. o.O I don’t think we should break our childrens innocence by telling them that most politicans are crooks, liars, and bastards and that the right people are never the ones in power. 😛 That would be too depressing. Which is why a talking Bill is sooooo much better.

Sanguine Dream says:

All fine and dandy...

until Congress tries to pass a bill/law that will ban fantasy politics. I can see it now. The bill/law would be tacked onto a totally unrelated measure (lets say a bill/law punishes corprorations for doing business with countries that have known ties to terrorism). Which would lead to the Techdirt article, “If you support fantasy politics you support terrorism.”

SailorAlphaCentauri says:

I'd probably do it...

considering that I’m involved in which allows people to create teams to draft celebrities into fantasy leagues.

Then again, after recovering from my Sims addiction (which was easy enough after getting burned when the company all but abandoned the original Sims game for the Sims 2…which I reluctantly got into when my computer could finally run the stupid thing), the last thing I need is to get sucked into a Sims congressional game.

I’ll just stay home and watch my Schoolhouse Rock DVDs and contemplate joining the league to cement my lack-of-life status.

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