Microsoft Live Meeting Channels Company's Unwillingness To Discuss Opening Up

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A bunch of security companies have been complaining lately that Microsoft hasn’t been particularly open lately with them and how they can integrate with Microsoft’s latest operating system, Vista. Microsoft finally decided to respond and set up an online briefing, using their ever popular “Live Meeting” offering… except Live Meeting proceeded to kick out a bunch of the participants fifteen minutes in and wouldn’t let them back in. It’s obviously just a technology screwup, but considering the accusations of Microsoft not being open enough, it does seem particularly amusing that they’d screw up in such a manner. Perhaps the technology just sensed Microsoft’s desire not to be so open. They say technology should help you achieve your goals, and perhaps Microsoft inadvertently succeeded.

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Comments on “Microsoft Live Meeting Channels Company's Unwillingness To Discuss Opening Up”

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Your Mom says:

Ironic, ain’t it?

Actually, it isn’t. But whatever.

I just think it’s interesting that Microsoft would put a meeting like this off, and then risk screwing it up like they did. With half the world using XP and more and more planning to switch to Vista, it’d seem to me like they’d want the security companies onboard right away. I doubt the hackers that are going to make the Viruses are going to wait…

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