Are Those Black Turtlenecks Made Of Teflon?

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Yesterday alone, two more tech CEOs lost their jobs due to the ongoing backdating scandal. It seems that the question of who wasn’t involved in the practice is becoming more interesting than who was. One high-profile name to have admitted participation in a backdating scheme was Apple CEO Steve Jobs, who apologized, and insisted that he didn’t benefit personally from the practice. But a closer look at the Apple story indicates that it’s not much different than other situations where top management was forced out and subject to criminal action. Even in the case of former Comverse CEO Kobi Alexander — who ran from the law and turned up in Namibia — he didn’t directly profit from the options, but used them to retain key talent. So it raises the issue of whether Jobs is getting a free pass, due to his popularity, or whether the media and law enforcement see something substantially different about his case. And if they do see something different, could they let us know?

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Comments on “Are Those Black Turtlenecks Made Of Teflon?”

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wolff000 says:

No Teflon But Deep Pockets help

Apple is a major player in DC so of course they got cut some slack. Anyone can get away with anything with enough cash and knowing the right people. I’m sure Steve made a few phone calls when they started investigating and it was all cleared up. I’m betting some politicians will have a hefty “donation” from Apple and Jobs in thier next election campaign.

RJD says:


Nice article with few facts and lots of speculation. He may or may not be guilty as sin. But he shouldn’t be judged in public court (like this one). There is a law suit by some lawyers who are supposedly representing investors (has anyone not made money on apple stock so who would bite the hand that’s feeding them ? )

And if E Spitzer isn’t pursuing him, I doubt there’s fire with this smoke given Mr. Spitz lives for high profile cases.

RevMike (user link) says:

shareholders and board actions

The CEOs aren’t dropping like flies because of these scandals. Sure, a few are directly implicated but in general everyone was doing it and noone thought too much of it.

What is happening is that boards are using this as an excuse to dump unsatisfactory CEOs, or shareholders are using this as an excuse to pressure boards to dump CEOs they don’t like.

This is just like any other job. No one fires a top performer because they show up to work late once in a while, they don’t dress according to the dress code, or they excede the company guidelines on expenses while traveling on business. But if you have a borderline unsatisfactory employee, or even a satisfactory employee who is making too much, things like this help build the case to fire him.

Anonymous Coward says:

“So high performing performers can overlook guidelines, policies and laws?”

This description sounds a heck of a lot like we’re talking about Bush. Having a CEO prez just opens the door for corporate misdeeds.

Just because “everyone does it” doesn’t make it right. It’s the same as the Foley story – it’s common practice for management to “hit on” interns…but that doesn’t make it acceptable or right. It’s just more of the same old, “don’t ask, don’t tell” mentality.

Okita Soji says:

Apple...don't they make those pod thingies?

Yeah…death to Apple? Are they really even a contender anymore? Last I heard, they even switched up to Intel chipsets….come on. They make a very KEWL looking computer for the “L33T” graphics dorks…but who wants to pay 1.6X the price for something that’s basically just running a shiny new freeBSD/Linux knock-off OS?

Yeah they made the Ipod. Pretty damn cool. Except for the fact I bought 5 of the Ipod “mini’s” (pre-Nano) for gifts…and every single one of them completely failed just about a week after the one year warranty.

So, Steve Jobs…here’s to you! I think you are a brilliant marketing strategist…now go to work for a company that has the technology to make your ideas actually work and maybe even be affordable. Maybe YOU should have bought Alienware, instead of letting the shmucks at Dell hack it to pieces.

IMVFHO….of course.

Devin (user link) says:

Re: Apple...don't they make those pod thingies?

Wow, someone that’s complaining about the prices of Apple wanted them to try to save Alienware. That’s just idiotic. Alienware is/was the definition of over inflated prices. Everyone says Apple’s prices are too high, but if you compare fairly equal laptops there is not that much of a difference. (And that’s without considering the Software bundle Apple usually gives you, which until Vista is released is just not the case with Windows PCs)

I just configured a Dell XPS M1710 with 100GB SATA 7200 RPM HD, 2GB Memory, 2.16 Core Duo Processor, 256 MB Video card, and bluetooth and it’s $2813.

Apple MacBook 17″
100GB Sata 7200RPM, 2 GB Memory, 2.16 Core Duo Processor, 256 MB Video Card and bluetooth and it’s $3099.

So apple is just a touch over 10% more expensive. That is not that bad when you consider that doesn’t include any software on the Dell (You can get Microsoft Works for no charge from dell, but who the hell wants that since it doesn’t have word. They offer works plus word for $79 and hey look isn’t it convenient that’s the exact same price apple charges for iWork’ 06.) and apple includes iLife and usually Quicken so that’s really not big of a price difference.

The trick with Apple is they just don’t really do low-end hardware.

Either way it’s a far cry from the 60% more expensive that you claim. As for the shiny freeBSD/linux knock-off claim…. no it IS a shiny freeBSD. Seriously, who would want an easy to use stable and secure operating system?

Or for that matter who would want to make a linux clone that’s easy to use… oh wait one of the most hyped linux distros right now is doing that exact same thing.

I’m not saying Apple’s prices aren’t a little high, but they’re not nearly as crazy as you say and if you’re buying 5 iPod minis as presents and wishing Alienware was still around I don’t think you’re really complaining about price, you just don’t like Apple.

Okita Soji says:

Re: Re: Apple...don't they make those pod thingies

Okay…ya got me! I don’t care for Apple. It all started back in the day with “AppleTalk” (remember that nonsense?)

Alienware was just the Mac for PC gamers. It just sucks that it was bought by Dell, and now will just be another slick and overpriced all hyped up piece of junk.

Linux distos? Yeah….Debian kicks ass…screw the rest. Including OSX. But it WAS the Ipod Mini’s (and the rather short lifespan but LOTS of media hype) that completely severed my desire to see anything with an Apple on it ever again (except for an Halo 2 option for a “William Tell” scenario maybe??)

foofdawg says:

Nothing happened to him, and happened to other people, because as momma always said “the squeaky wheel gets the grease”. It means, if you gain attention, you will get attention. This can be positive or negative, but in this case, he came out and admitted wrong doing, apologized, and moved on. These others have largely refused to deal with the situation, instead lying and manuevering around the issue. Again, this is why momma told you to always tell the truth, it can really be rewarding.

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