Nokia Catches On To Two More Trends, Just A Little Later Than Its Rivals

Eric submitted the news that Nokia has finally decided to start naming its phones, rather than using fairly meaningless model numbers. Apparently they’ve realized that names like “RAZR” and “Chocolate” used by their rivals can help build brands around particular handsets much more easily than “6682” or “E61”. The company’s marketing honcho also admitted Nokia was well behind its competitors on the latest handset design trend of ultra-thin phones — echoing what happened to the company with the previous trend, flip phones. While Nokia’s got some compelling products out, like the N-Series multimedia devices and E-Series corporate phones, they haven’t had a mass-market phone take on the iconic status of the RAZR or its offspring for some time. It’s like the old saying goes, the first step to solving a problem is admitting it. But can Nokia keep its place on top if it keeps running behind trends, instead of setting them?

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