Stock Spam Works… For The Spammers

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Last year, one guy got a lot of attention for tracking a portfolio of stocks made up entirely of ticker symbols promoted in various spam messages. We all get them in our spam folder: stocks insisting that some unknown penny stock is about to shoot up to some ridiculous level. They’ve been around for ages. Obviously, the spams must work, because otherwise why would they continue? While most people know better than to buy a stock based on a spam message, there are clearly enough suckers out there to make it worthwhile. A new study has checked in on the numbers, doing a bit more academic version of the portfolio tracker above. They found that (as you would expect) people who invest in stock that was spammed tend to lose money. However, the people (the spammers) who bought the stock a day or two before the spam tend to make a decent return (sometimes depending on how proficient they are as spammers). While this certainly fits into the “no duh” category of things for most of us, it’s still fascinating to see that there are enough gullible folks out there who actually buy stock based on spam.

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Comments on “Stock Spam Works… For The Spammers”

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Joshua (user link) says:

Spam Stock Flood

I enjoy reading this blog. Thanks for the link. In my spam stock site I actually stopped tracking stocks for a while because it became so time consuming. I am back doing it again every few days when I have time. I get 15-50 a day depending on the day (more on monday, less on friday).

I plan to work on the spamstocktracker site this weekend to actually show each and every spam indexed to each stock ticker. Maybe the someone can use that to track the spam back and do something about it.

hautedawg says:

Re: Sell short

I’m an idiot when it comes to investing, but have been rather fortunate to be involved with a woman who is NOT an idiot ( although she is involved with me, but that’s another story ). She does well with unknown stock, but the idea of short selling this stock sounds appealing. Can short selling be done with penny stocks? AND…there were a few ( very few ) that actually went up. Go figure, even the spammers get it wrong on occasion.

Mike J says:

The trick is to buy in, then sell just before the spammers do, lol, if you could profit from it, might be worth it if you got both spare time and money, I have plenty of spare time, just no spare money to toss out the window at some spam attack lol.

Always remember you cant win a contest you never entered. no matter how many times they tell you click here for your free computer that you just won from spamvill spamsilvania hehe 🙂

karen says:

Re: Re:

Spammers are getting trickier. No spam filters are picking up these bogus stock emails! The spammers have learned to bypass all the spam software out there by hiding they’re crap in image files. Currently to my knowledge there is no spam filter out there to stop this so I’m sorry to say we’ll be dealing with problem for awhile!

le /Roy says:

Re: Re: stock spam

i think it’s interesting as i took a $200 risk on a spam stock which sounded good (as i had never been stock spammed)!! it went from 8c to 12.5c that day, and is now at 3.9c, putting me $100 up, and now i am $100 down bcoz i didnt think to sell quickly..

i think if you get the first round of spamming, then buy quickly, watch it go up and sell it later that same day!

anyway, just in response to karen, who complains about spam filters.. i use and these e-mails are always filtered out. I still get my daily e-mails from “The Desk of ABU ZARIM ZONGO, head of filing department at Bank of Africa”

if people are still falling for that, i think we’ll have stock spam for a looooooong time

Jon says:


If hitting them in the billfolds doesn’t reeducate them, why think a baseball bat will? Or maybe they have enough that what they lose on spam-advised investments doesn’t bother them.

If you could buy the stocks when you get the spam, then sell the next day, you might make something. If you could find out before, it would be even safer.

Will says:


I have been receiving stock spam for close to 8 months now.
I realize that most of the tips are vacuous with unyielding results; however, if you are more clever than the spammers—which takes only a little education in securities—one will not act upon fear alone and can use these tips as I have to make some fun returns. i have always used spammer’s tips to help in my endeavors. I have yet to lose. One must do his/her research on the so-called hot tips they send. After careful scrutiny, I have fun buying these hi volume stocks and make a few dollars. I like stock spam. Send me all the spam you want.


Will says:

Stockspam Why are You angry!?

Well, After reading many of the comments I realize that we have many people who have an odius opinion about our wonderful yet uneducated spammers who probably know very little about securities—yet they hope to draw in a number of people, suckers as most refer to them as, in order to fulfill some agenda. Come on folks! It is not the stock spammers you hate. It is the fact that you probably chose to buy into one of their hot juicy tips and watched your stock drop like a lead rock. If the stock would have jumped to the moon, you would have tuned in to every tip afterward and prayed for more. Fact is, stock spam is not the issue. the issue is, are you more intelligent than the spammer? Do your diligence on the stock. You are more intelligent than to just blindly leap into a stock spam without researching the tributaries of company’s portfolio— are you not? Use the spam tips wisely. Most, I admit, are ridiculous and abstruse; however, I have always been able to sequest the good tips from the bad and make small profits. It is the greed in people that leads one to blindly follow the spam into the field of a non-yielding stock pick. It is not the spammer. You, not the spam, make the choice. You choose blindly with greed in your heart and without thinking or researching, and you will pay the consequences of your bad choice. Read the stock spam. Carefully examine the company and their stock charts and digests. Use stock spam intelligently and you can actually have a fun time making a few bucks. Use it with the thought of becoming rich overnight, and this will lead you to make a pitiful choice in greed and lose money. Now, who is really to blame for the loss? I don’t think I have to answer this question for you.

Fred says:

Re: Stockspam Why are You angry!?

Not exactly angry—just that these darn sammers get their filthy mitts into my box and cause me too much time in deletion. I do extol you for your efforts, and I understand some people may use this form of spam for fun and a few bucks, but I wish they would stay away from my email. Remeber many people do not use these so called hot ips as you. Is this really freedom of opinion or speech or an infringement on my rights as an individual???

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