Does It Take Pornography To Get People Talking About Broadcast News?

from the sex-sells dept

To give television news broadcasts a gritty, live-from-the-studio feel, an anchor will sometimes appear with a bank of barely-viewable video screens behind him. But the screens did not go unnoticed, recently, when a Swedish news broadcast inadvertently showed a pornographic movie in the background. The story shows how dissimilar the US media is from Sweden’s; the movie was showing on a normal cable channel at night after the staffers forgot to change the channel. And while such an event in the US would prompt an inundation of complaints to the FCC (even if many are bogus), not a single Swedish viewer complained, with all inquiries over the mistake coming from the media. That being said, perhaps doing this again could be a real ratings boon, as traditional media goes down the trail originally blazed by the Naked News.

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Comments on “Does It Take Pornography To Get People Talking About Broadcast News?”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re:

If you’re that much of a fairweather patriot, get the hell out anyway. đŸ˜› Either uneducated, mindlessly educated, or ‘peace at all costs’ lefty pinko.

that said, while not being so freely a traitor as that nut, it WOULD be nice for a little free pr0n after-hours. TV’s dont get virii.. at least.. i dont think they do..

Ha, imagine that! Watch TV for the pr0n, but turn to bittorrent to catch all my regular shows. There’s irony there, somewhere, I think.

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