Hollywood Upset At Newspapers For Daring To Give Away DVDs It Licensed Them To Give Away

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Comboman writes “Hollywood claiming ‘lost revenue’ from declining DVD sales is nothing new, but this time the alleged culprit is not piracy but UK newspapers and magazines that give away free DVDs with certain issues. Nevermind the fact that the publications legally paid for the UK distribution rights to these films that were near the end of their profit cycle anyway. Once again, instead of embracing an alternative distribution method, Hollywood only sees it as “devaluing the format in the eyes of consumers”. Heaven forbid they would be forced to sell DVDs at fair price.” Yes, that’s right. The movie studios licensed the newspapers to give away the DVDs. They got paid for it. Now they’re complaining that in giving away these DVDs, the newspapers are “devaluing” DVDs. And you wonder how the industry has stayed in business this long.

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Comments on “Hollywood Upset At Newspapers For Daring To Give Away DVDs It Licensed Them To Give Away”

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Wizard Prang (user link) says:

Re: Re: Who is this "we" of whom you speak?

At least he had something to say…

It is so amusing to watch the antics of a dying industry with an outmoded business model. If these DVDs had any value, they would be sold at that value. The fact that they were give-aways shows that that value is essentially gone.

Memo to Studios: It is the market that sets the value of your products – NOT YOU.

Sunshine Boy says:

Hey Inmate: And you aren’t a moron? Try addressing the original item next time instead of sniping at a poster like a semantics professor.

Back to topic: If the industry wanted those DVDs sold for a fair price, they should have written the contract with some limitations in it. If that isn’t legal to do for some reason, the best way to save face is to keep the lower half of it shut.

CoolCliftop says:

What was the topic

Man this thread is all over the place. Folks thowing flamers and bitchin about the the MPAA right into the war on drugs and Iraq. Now where was I? Oh Yea!

Look the MPAA is run by the same mob that is running the RIAA. These guys are crooks and the only they care about is profit. They don’t care about the product, the artist or the customers. The sooner we consumers can run them outta business the better

Ap says:

Had the MPAA done due dilignece before the sale to the UK paper, they would have known what the buyer’s plans for the product were. Now they claim the product has been devalued but if they knew what the buyer was going to do (and if they are really in the business they claim to be in and if their attorneys actually have licences and degrees, then they had to know how their product was to be used in order to protect themselves from secondary liability) then they knowingly overcharged the UK paper for the product since they knew it was going to be devalued by the final distribution scheme. The selling studio should give the buying newspaper some money back.

Robert Wilson (profile) says:


The first problem with this is that references to RIAA are a misnomer. It is a facade that the studios such as Sony, Warner Bros. and others use to protect their good name. I wonder which studios are trying to pull this fast one? Bait and switch has taken on a new meaning it appears. I hope the newpapers take them to the cleaners!

Ryan says:

The MPAA has no right to take away our drugs! Oh, wait… why am I talking about drugs? The article had nothing to do with drugs, yet for some reason, I still feel the need to bitch about the drug war. Please forgive me for filling these few lines with yet another pointless lecture aimed at peole who cannot seem to post on topic. I know you have an opinion and really want to get it out there, and we feel ya. Just try and keep comments related to the subject matter of the article. All other posts go elswhere. Besides, when exactly did the MPAA get involved in the drug war anyhow? Boycott DVDs and the drug war will end! Sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it?

Chuck Norris' Enemy (deceased) says:

Quality Movies

In a different story a while back on Techdirt about DVD’s with newspapers a post mentioned that most of the movies were pretty bad, mainly ones they show on Saturday afternoons (or even worse, Sunday afternoons). Plus I think Walmart already devalued these movies…about$3.88 piled in the big cardboard box in the aisle.

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