Wine Sellers' Prediction Of Internet-Enabled Teen Winos Comes Up Empty

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It’s always fun when industry groups who are clearly trying to protect a business model under threat come up with scare mongering quotes to try to get politicians to block out new competitors with new business models. For years, many states had protectionist laws when it came to online wine sales. Most of these were designed to protect the local wine sellers — but, of course, the public spin was that it was all about “protecting the children.” Last year, of course, the Supreme Court knocked down the most protectionist of these laws. So, now that it’s been a year, if the wine sellers were right, we should be hearing stories of teens ordering wine all the time. Unfortunately for them, a new study shows that teens really don’t seem to care much about ordering wine online. Perhaps the times have changed, but when I was a teen, wine wasn’t exactly the alcoholic beverage of choice among my friends. Plus, you have to take into account that wine deliveries still require signatures, and most teens tend to live at home with parents who might notice an incoming shipment of alcohol. So, you would think this would make those who were screaming about “protecting the children” quiet down — but, you’d be wrong. Instead, they’re still trying to spin this, calling the findings “shocking” and saying that the low number only means it’s about to rise rapidly. “This is new, hard evidence that should really shake up this debate about direct sales.” No, this is actually new, hard evidence that the problem you’ve been screaming about isn’t a problem at all.

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Comments on “Wine Sellers' Prediction Of Internet-Enabled Teen Winos Comes Up Empty”

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jsnbase says:

At least everybody's avoiding scaremongering.

“While online sales of alcohol have not yet been a big part of the addiction problem, parents need to learn what teens already know: that the drug dealer who used to lurk in the seedy side of town is now just an e-mail or a URL away from your home.”

So now vintner = drug dealer? Thanks, White House Office of National Drug Control Policy spokesman!

Big Huge Dave says:

Another example of...

…businesses trying to use government to squelch free enterprise and capitalism. This type of thing happens all the time, of course. In New York you can’t start a taxi business without paying hundreds of thousands of dollars for hard to get licenses.

Heck, try starting a taxi type service anywhere, there are bound to be laws so the unions can “protect” their jobs.

This type of thing goes on all the time, and it’s sad.

But it’s great when the truth is revealed, as in this great article! 🙂

Jason (user link) says:

NBC News Last Night

I was at my parents for dinner last night and the news was on. I don’t ever watch the news, but on the NBC Nightly News they did this piece about teens ordering alcohol online.

It was completely ridiculous. They highlighted all of the states that had “made it easier for teens to buy hard alcohol in the past few years”.

Of course, the study they were quoting was commissioned and paid for by some licquor wholesaler organization that represents licquor stores. Gee, I’m sure they’re completely impartial.

What really drove me nuts was that NBC took the bait. They played it as this huge problem, even providing this stat: “One in 10 teens knows of a friend who has ordered alcohol online”. I’m no math wizard, but if one kid in a class of 200 that everyone knows ordered alcohol once, all 200 of those kids would know 1 person who had. It is a completely worthless stat.

All that report did was solidify the reason I don’t watch the news.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: NBC News Last Night

“Of course, the study they were quoting was commissioned and paid for by some licquor wholesaler organization that represents licquor stores. Gee, I’m sure they’re completely impartial.

What really drove me nuts was that NBC took the bait.”

Which just serves to underscore how poor critical reasoning skills are among those who present the news. Come on, who among the reasonably intelligent these days *doesn’t* know that surveys are inherently skewed by the wording, and that stats are skewed by interpretation? What smart person doesn’t realize that the first thing one should check when confronted with such “studies” is the identity of the sponsor?

The only thing I conclude from that is that either A) most news stories like this are bought (like by liquor distributors, in your example), or B) most producers of news stories are idiots. I don’t see an option C).

Dan says:

Wine online!

What happened to crappy fake IDs, older siblings, and asking perferct strangers in parking lots to buy some for you? Damned internet generation. It used to take me almost a half-hour of intensive work to figure out a way to get booze when I was a kid– now, apparently, you just click a few buttons and there you go. Kids these days got it soft.

Zergboy says:

Re: Wine Distributors ...

Gee that 98% is a BLOG and has a lot of presumtions! Its pretty lame actually cause there is no data, just “Let’s say”. The title is pretty much just trying to get you to read the crap. They even try to dis techdirt. Tom Wark is a complete Moron. I bet you winemaker is guy who actually made the “blog”

Fucking KNOB!!!

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