MTV Still Looking To Become The MTV Of The Internet

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Over the last year or so it’s been quite obvious that Rupert Murdoch and Fox Interactive have been working hard to build this generation’s equivalent of MTV, buying popular properties like MySpace and IGN. But what about the actual MTV? While Fox was gobbling up all the hot properties, MTV was pretty much caught napping. Earlier this year, they tried to talk a good game about how they were uniquely poised to be the “MTV of the online world,” but their vision of the world was uniquely old media. Rather than understanding that the internet is about communication and interaction, they claimed it was all about “video,” which they had more of than anyone else. Then, rather than realizing that everyone at the company needed to “think digitally” they assigned that task to one guy — who quickly discovered that without any real power, no one else was thinking digitally and the whole strategy failed. The company is still trying — and just signed a deal with Google to share some video. Today, though, they took another step by buying Atom Entertainment, another video site that’s been around for years, but never could figure out how to become YouTube. Again, it’s the same “old media” thinking at MTV. Atom is much more about distribution of video than about sharing and interacting with video. Until MTV recognizes that the internet isn’t just television with a mouse, they’re going to have difficulty being “the MTV of the internet.”

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Comments on “MTV Still Looking To Become The MTV Of The Internet”

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CrazyPunk says:


Oh come on. I’m living in a place where we have no cable tv. I’ve noticed that there are a lot of commercial tv stations that have put a stream online, not to mention the loads of regional tv streams…

MTV networks NL already put streams online from their Nickelodeon and TMF (The Music Factory) channels. But no MTV stream as yet.

Why make things so difficult? Why wanting to become the next YouTube? Why copy the already invented?

Just put the damn stream online and see what happens.

A lot of people do not even seem to know it is possible to hook up your tv to your pc. And there is nothing difficult about going to a website, clicking a button, dragging your media player to the other screen and making it fullscreen.

I’ve been doing this since I discovered Shoutcast TV about two years ago…I’ve seen the internet tv streams boom, and it’s only getting better for now…so untill they suddenly decide to encrypt the streams and make it pay-only, let’s enjoy it.

Chris says:

Why they'll never succeed

When it comes to the drones of masses that take in anything new and popular, injest (sometimes regurgitate), and then crap out the other end the remnants of something that once looked appealing, these sages umongst men obtain their sweet nectar from pretty much the same source. More importantly because they’ve not branched out nor cared to enlighten themselves enough to deviate from the pipeline they’re so accustomed to. So for anyone who cares to be concerned that the internet is going to hell in a handbasket becuase MTV had some insight 10 years too late, don’t let it go to your head.

Ok.... says:

Not only via TV....

But now they want to turn us even more into mindless, retard consumers, buying nothing but total CRAP on the web as well?

Lets take a look at why MTV exists.

MTV exists, mainly, to keep the slave trade alive. Sure, these “niggers” get paid this time around, but you think they have ANY freedom? ANY real friends? Where will they be in 30 years time when no one remembers thier 2 album streak they had for a couple years?

Fiddy Cent anyone?

I already despise MTV with a mighty passion, there’s absolutely no reason for them to be fucking with my internet time as well. MTV, let your slaves go and maybe start pimpin some muslims this time. I think us black folk are catching onto your little “White man in power over the black talent” bullshit that’s been going on toooo long in sports, music and well, any other way YOU people think of to exploit us.

Oh, and don’t even get me started on BET…. what a damn dissgrace towards the TRUE black community.

Riiiight says:


You’re telling me MTV and BET are accurate representations of our people? Are you high?

All these channels do is make us look like money hungry whores working for the true wealth, “The White Man”.

Why the HELL do you think Dave Chappelle stepped out of Hollywood? HE COULD SEE THE DAMN TRUTH AND WANTED NOTHING TO DO WITH IT.

I just hope it’s not too late for you.

John says:

music VIDEO?

I didn’t know they even showed those anymore! I expected clips of the Real World.

As for the whole racist thing, personally, I think a lot of the distaste comes from what we see on that channel (BET or MTV alike), especially the music videos which time and time again seem to be some rapper pimpin, but for our perceptions to change, don’t let your video turn in to a softcore porno.

Anyone ever see “The Next Episode” by Dr. Dre?

Yups says:

But it's also....

Shows like Cribs. It’s one thing to take pride in your success, to share with those close to you and go to sleep at night knowing you did something for yourself that put you in a better situation….

Then Cribs comes along and all that show’s really about is having “celebs” flaunt all the stuff they’ve purchased (or leased, who knows.) It definately makes us look shallow in the long run, especially since it’s the younger (usually white audiance) watching this crap, thinking that’s the way to go about making thier lives…

Ugh, I gotta stop here or I could go on for about a 20page rant on WTF is wrong with living a materialistic lifestyle, but maybe that’s because I have buddhist tendecies. Make what you need to survive, cause for all you know, it could ALL be gone tomorrow.

Sanguine Dream says:

The message is lost...

Years ago MTV was on the forefront of music television. If it wasn’t for all those “reality” shows the music vids would still be playing. How can you call a netword Music Television when you only have about 8 hours of music related programming (and thats actually 4 hours played twice) a day? What bothers me is that MTV spawned MTV2 which actually did play music videos and now even that station barely plays videos

And BET? That network has gone to crap since it was bought by Viacom (I think) a few years ago. There used to be a few shows, a few hours of mixed music (rap, hiphop, R&B, jazz, and gospel), and actually news shows that focus on black culture. Now its just as bad as MTV.

LOCO says:

MTV is the devil

MTV is the reason I started watching TV non-stop… ALSO, they were the reason I STOPPED WATCHING TV.

The post about the “N****s” being used by MTV is 100% true… but not for blacks, the young generation that are CONFUSED about their own world get fed “Real world” junk of a totally distorded image of our world.

The young people of america are the real “N****rs” of MTV. They use(d) us to make money, that’s all it is. I stopped watching TV because I realized that all those ‘cool people’ I saw on TV were nothing but sellouts and ASS-CLOWNS talking and singing about how money they have (yeah… until the video is over and execs tell them, bye bye ma’ nigg4 and they have to now work on McDonalds OR degrade their existence doing things a normal human wouldn’t do.

F U MTV!… Your BS will not work here…. you will not imposse crap onto our throats and make us like it cause it’s “COOL”…. I repeat, Fk Y00!

PJ (user link) says:


I keep hearing that Web 2.0 is about “sharing” but you must remember that the Internet is the community, not the script. You don’t need Myspace or a fancy script to “share” online. All you need is hyperlinks.

If you didn’t have this comment box, or even trackbacks, I could just as easily comment on this post from my own blog, link here, and you would find the “backlink” via Google, Yahoo, your stats, or whatever.

You’re not Web 2.0 as long as you freeload on somebody else’s domain. Myspace is just like TV. The artists lose control. Myspace users don’t own their URLs. is not yours! You have no claim to it, at all. Register your own URL! Spend the $8 and register a domain.

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