Google Wants Its MTV

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The pace of new developments in the online video space has been quite rapid of late, as every internet and media company looks to carve out a strategy. So far, Google’s video service has been a laggard, so it’s looking to go beyond being a YouTube clone. The company has announced a deal with Viacom to syndicate MTV clips, supported by ads, across selected sites. The service may prove popular among content owners, looking to monetize online video, but it would be a mistake to think it’s the only model. There’s plenty of value in the less-regulated, user-disseminated clips found on YouTube as they can help build buzz and popularity for a show (as the Daily Show can attest). If profiting from online video directly means signing exclusive deals, and keeping tight control of the content, any short-term profits may be to the detriment of a long-term strategy.

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Comments on “Google Wants Its MTV”

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Defiant says:

MTV Sucks

MTV, back in the day, used to be worth watching. They always played reasonably good music videos. Now its all just a bunch of crap. All it portrays is BS reality shows that I cant bring myself to even think of watching.

Google should save it’s money and look elsewhere.

What happened to the “M” in MTV??

Anonymous Coward says:

MTV is the root of all evil, don’t get me wrong I love music and love music videos but I agree whith what Defiant said earlier. Except for me it allows teenagers believe that it is acceptable to behave the same way those teens do on MTV. Other than behavioral the materialistic side is also exposed, when I was in highschool and transitioning to college none of the girls had Coach, Gucci, Prada or even LV bags.

The Keiser says:

Route of all evil

I agree with coward and defiant. Watching my intelligent 14 year old turn instantly to orchestrated mush as soon as that crap comes on is why I bought a TV with the V-Chip. Enough is enough of that one-song poisonouos hollywood marketing crap. MTV and all it’s clones can go suck themselves dry – we chose not to allow that garbage inhto our home. Poison your own kids MTV.

Gorgoroth says:

Give us a choise

I believe it would be better for google to team ut at a national presence instead of one big international.

I live in sweden, and would really love google to team up with BIG TV, a channel that plays alot of alternative music, from bands that dont have all those multimillion deals and just write that love-everybody-crap that have infected popular pop-culture.

I want to see musicvideos that tell me something, that have a meaning, and makes me feel good at the same time.

Google, take this back to the desk and rethink the idea.

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