Accused Rapist Wants Some Of That Myspace Money, Too

from the myspace-made-me-do-it dept

Earlier this week, a 14-year-old girl and her mother sued Myspace for $30 million, alleging the site failed to protect her from being sexually assaulted by a 19-year-old guy. Now, in a bizarre twist, the man’s attorney says that if Myspace is liable for not keeping the girl out of harm’s way, his client might also have a claim for damages, since the girl misrepresented her age, adding that the accused rapist, who’s admitted having sex with the girl, is “just as much a victim — if not more.” This case, should it be filed, would be even more spurious than the girl’s claim — the fact that the two met on MySpace has absolutely nothing to do with the alleged sexual assault, and the guy really doesn’t have much of a case if he’s basing his on the girl lying about her age, since he apparently falsely represented himself as a high school football player. It’s impossible to describe these suits as anything other than ridiculous, but with all the hype of the dangers of Myspace and other social-networking sites — and the money flowing around — inevitably, there will be more.

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Comments on “Accused Rapist Wants Some Of That Myspace Money, Too”

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Techie says:

Burn in Hell!

Now the guy and his lawyer is blaming myspace for not protecting him from a minor lying about her age? Ah guess he never heard of SELF CONTROL????

Everyone already knows who is to blame for this is the mother for not being a good parent and being more involved in her daughters life. But I also blame the boy’s parents as well for not raising their son to be respectful of others and to teach him it is NOT ok to sexually assault someone!

He should be shot or at least castrated…..and the mother should be jailed for child neglect and endagerment!

I’m tired of parents who are so involved in their own life and use a computer, tv, etc… to babysit and teach their kids instead of themselves being a responsible parent!


Also here is another tip for parents….before you go out and buy on of them fancy new gadgets called a computer, GO TAKE A CLASS ON COMPUTERS AND INTERNET SAFETY!!!!!

The guy, both Lawyers, and the Mother should all BURN

dmacgavin says:

Re: Burn in Hell!

So why does the guy deserve to get shot/castrated and the mother locked up, but the girl gets no punishment? It takes two to tango. Everyone is at fault in this. If she is going to flaunt herself online to some guy, and both are misrepresenting themselves… then something is bound to happen. Why did she have to lie about her age too? Obviously there was more on her mind then just having a friendly meeting…

Lisa Foster says:

Re: Burn in Hell!

I have been a computer professional for 24 years. My 13 year old daughter has been completely locked out of myspace after she went online, submitted pictures and lied about her age. I offer free computer support to any parent who needs help locking their internet down.

That said – MYspace is one of the most dangerous site there is. It should be either shut down or severely restricted. When I first heard what kind of site it is, before any of the hype, I knew it was dangerous. Unfortunately, most teenagers don’t have parents with this knowledge. I have already found several of her friends profiles and alerted their parents. My point – MYSPACE is


Laughing at Lisa Foster says:

Re: Re: Burn in Hell!

No lisa your kid is the most dangerous…cause you failed to raise her right

your kid is a lier, she is crafty and only cares about herself. she was reaching out for some reason that your busy life was unable to notice.

unfortunately she will prob do it again, either in a chat room, email or even the mall. well guess what its been happening for years, myspace is just another place.

go get a program called kazzalight. search for the term teen web cam, preteen web cam, PTHC web cam…you will be suprised as to what these girls willingly do on the web cam.

lets hope that your incorrectly raised kid does not have a web cam either…

good luck with your child who you failed to even admit that you possibly WERE at fault for failing to raise your child properly….and it might not have been a silly web sites fault…hmmm

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Burn in Hell!

How fucking stupid are you?

Myspace is dangerous? Nooooo, a nuke is dangerous.

Myspace is a fucking website for people to post pictures and meet others. Just because some little whore screws an older guy doesnt mean it’s “dangerous”.


Abortion should be law if your IQ doesnt reach a certain level.

Tommy Holefiller says:

Re: Re: Re: Burn in Hell!

This guy shouldnt be punished if she is lying about her age. It is her parents fault for letting there minor child do whatever she wants. And I am sure he is not the first over age guy she has slept with.. Crazy. and for the stupid adults who think its dangerous, your dangerous for being stupid and you should all move to a small island called stupid island

Tommy Holefiller (user link) says:

Re: Re: Burn in Hell!

Myspace is not Dangerous Lisa, stupid children and stupid parents are Dangerous or just plain stupid people for that matter. Get educated, educate your children. the world is dangerous, thats why we look both ways before we cross the street. Teach your children to protect themselves. you gonna lock your daughter in the house next?

Nomad91 says:

Sue'em all

That’s what the RIAA does. This is nothing more than frivilous litigation for personal gain. Both the girl’s parents and the guy should be slapped with fines for slander.

Both parties lied. They misrepresented themselves for weeks prior to the meeting and jumped at the chance to take their “relationship” to the next level. Unless the guy forced himself on the girl, he’s not guilty of rape. The only thing we’re seeing here is that the parents disapproved of their daughter having sex. Rather than keep it all private, they’re trying to destroy the guy, Myspace and anyone else that they can. If the guy had to see the inside of a jail, the parents should be required to the same fate. What they’re doing is wrong and the courts should dismiss the case. The media, on the other hand, just likes to stir the cauldron.

Techie says:

“Why should the guy burn when some slut lies about her age, has sex, and then panics and yells “rape”?”

Slut NO, unless she has slept with half the football team. Not to Intelligent, Naive, and not educated in protecting herself, Yes!

There is a thing called Statutory Rape? Also NO MEANS NO!

I will admit it is very easy for a 14yr old girl to look much older than she is, but men should be much smarter in exercing precaution in dating and make better judgement calls! Unless you want your next date to be Bubba in cell block 6!!!

will says:


Know what I do when I see a post containing lots of caps and exclamation points? I skip right past. It’s funny to see people get so emotional over something which they have no control (and will never actually do anything about). Posting doesn’t make the world a better place.

If you want to make your opinion truly known, stay away from anonymous discussion forums. Because, really, all you are doing is wasting your time on irrelevance (like I am doing right now).

Bri says:


If the girl LIED about her age, then she obviously WANTED sexual activity with him! He didn’t sexual assault her! But it WAS satitory rape…which i DON’T agree with…because if she [the underaged] wanted sex from him [overaged], then who cares? It wasn’t rape. I really don’t think the guy is guilty for anything. Only the girl, being stupid and meeting up with a older “football player” in high school. Dumb@$$

Anonymous Coward says:


i think ‘lying’ about your age on a age rescricted web site is more … “illegal” then lying about being on a football team. myspace does have safty measures in place. and they upfront aske you what your age is and if you lie, well. then anything that goes wrong because you lied about your age isn’t myspaces fault. technicly, i think the boy should be chaged for assault one what she claimed her age to be on myspace. (which, i don’t realy know how old she claimed to be, so im assuming she claimed she was 18). yes, he raped her (or so the claim is), but she did an illegal act herself.

Joe Blow says:


This is NOT a case where the poor little girl was raped or taken advantage of. The are BOTH OF AGE BIOLOGICALLY to want to have sex!!! They both lied to each other to get sex!!!

She told either a friend and/or her mother and her mother immediately said, “You’ve been raped!”

It’s only in the past 100 years that our society started all of this crap about some “taking advantage of” crap when for CENTURIES men have had MULTIPLE YOUNG WIVES and girls of BIOLOGICAL AGE!!! It’s not like these girls are not even THINKING about sex or that they are below the age of breeding which would be sick.

People sit around and debate this crap with the ‘idea’ that the poor little girl is being victimized. Why is there so much focus on the GIRL being victimized? It is a NATURAL part of life for when a girl is of biological age to WANT SEX, yet we try and push this idea like they NEVER HAVE WANTED IT or even though about sex!! Where was all of that before we came to this country??? What’s funny to me is that all of the mothers that scream rape KNOW all of the dirty little things they did and they are merely trying to keep their daughters from it.

Meanwhile, let your kids see TV shows and movies about murderous serial killers and let them believe that war is ‘ok’ as long as the people you are fighting are pagans or terrorists. Oh but for GAWD’s sake …. don’t have sex!!!

This is all more destructive to the psyche AND to healthy sexual progression than those that ARE sexually deviant!!!


thr4im says:

I am Suing MySpace...

I don’t know what for, but I am sure it’s gonna be in the millions. I am also going to sue Microsoft, Google, ATT, Walmart, Wikipedia, Yahoo, Crispy Creme, Jenna Jameson, Starbucks, and of course, McDonalds.

I have been victimized by them all, I guess. At least that is what my lawyer tells me.

Charissa says:


Unfortunately we live in a day where people don’t take responsibility for their actions, they just blame someone else. In this situation, who is at fault? myspace? the girl? the mother? the boy? noone really knows because all we are getting is a press edited version. We don’t know why they met, we don’t know when they “had sex” we don’t know the facts.

I think it is sad that we are so quick to shift the blame. Let’s blame the mom because she wasn’t internet savy enough to make sure her daughter was making wise decisions. Let’s blame the guy for not being careful enough and making sure she was of legal age. Let’s blame the girl for being promiscuous and misleading when isn’t that what we’re demonstrating to our children these days between music and fashion. We encourage looking older and being “attractive” just to get men to sleep with us.

So now who is to blame?

IANAL says:

Holy garbage bat man

This is ridiculous. Everyone is trying to find someone to blame, but not trying to find a solution. This is like a poorly run IT department, blame being passed around, but no one wants to find a solution. I thought most of us were smarter than that.

Yes, the girl lied, the guy had sex with an underage child (yes child) and the mother is probably a slut as well, but how can we keep this from happening in the future? What measures can be taken to be sure that this kind of crapola doesn’t continue to take up space on blogs and feeds?

Perhaps all three should be sent to prison. Maybe they should all be fined, including MYSPACE. Maybe they should all be sterilized and sent to Topeka, KS to be with Fred (I’ll protest a funeral) Phelps, but for God’s sake, let’s stop pointing fingers and get on with life.

They will sue MYSPACE, they will settle for a new trailer home and a trans-am, the guy will continue with his mullett and the girl will have 5 kids by the time she is 21. The mother will have emphysema from chain smoking cheap smokes and they will all live happily ever after on our tax dollars…but for Gawds sake, lets get over it.

Anonymous Coward says:

Acutally.. using that mentality…

They should first sue the mining companies who mine copper for the wires and PCB’s on computers

Then sue the plastics companies too, afterall – they make the plastic for the computers and insulation for the wiring

Then they can sue the tool manufacturers who made the punchdown tools and screwdivers needed to install the ethernet cable

Then sue the power company for providing power for the computers, don’t forget the phone company too and the companies who make romex wire to wire the house and the makers of the routers used to route the traffic from the computers.

Then sue the homebuilders for building houses where the computers were being used. Don’t forget all the subcontrators who built the houses too, and the heavy machinery companies too, afterall if they didn’t make bulldozers, they couldn’t have built the house the computer was in.

Can’t forget the auto-makers. Afterall, I suspect at least one car was used to facilitate their meeting

Should also sue the maker of the desk used to hold the computers, afterall without a desk it may have made the computer harder to use and this would have never happened.

Then the police in both areas shoudl be sued for not stopping this in advance.

Then they shoudl sue the government for NOT PUTTING THEM IN THE ASYLUM WHERE THEY ALL BELONG!

Aber1 says:

Future Judges of America

It is bad enough that a lawyer with 6 to 8 years of secondary schooling would not realize how foolish and a waste of time this suit is, but the way judgesand presidents are acting lately he’ll probably get a circuit court appiontment in a few years.

Its all comedy til you see it ruin a nineteen year olds life. My cousin was in the same situation but met the girl at a bar, she said she was 22, she was a fourteen year old with a fine body in a bar(in Virginia). He will have to register as a sex offender for at least 10 years possibly life if he gets too many speeding tickets. And all cause some little horny girl can’t just have sex with other fourteen year olds, or shut up about it to her parents.

She even testified at his trail that she lied to him about her age, she was drinking in a bar, and that it was consentual he still went to jail for stat. rape. Sick sad system

what the crap! says:


1. girl lies about age on line +

2. girl meets older guy on line +

3. girl agrees to meet guy in person +

= girl had intentions to meet an older guy.


what happens when girls meet older guys … they brag about having an older BF or they just want sex from someone that actually might know what they are doing.

Her parents should be held accountable for neglecting to supervise her and keeping her out of harms way.

ImSuingMyCat says:

I'm glad this case is happening

After this case gets thrown out of court, it’ll send a clear message to the asshole lawyers that they cannot sue social networks for actions of its members outside of its control. I, for one, am glad this case is here. glad to know that myspace has deep enough pockets to win…imagine if these assholes had sued a startup social network site.

jeff says:


where does the myspace TOS go over the protection from sexual predators and protection from stupid horny teenage girls who don’t have dads and lie about their ages that myspace offers? oh wait, it doesn’t go over that, because they don’t offer any of that. sorry. safety and privacy are reasonable expectations on the internet…but she went ahead and met the dude in real life. the myspace TOS doesn’t cover real-life meetings. this is a matter for police and child protection services, the one to arrest the dude, the other to oversee how the girl mamanged to get a whole lot done without her parents noticing. then the guy and the girl should be drowned. next news item.

MikeX says:

Just to rub it in a little more...

Lisa, you are the reason I’m still in the computer repair business, keep it up with those system settings and I’ll keep getting those phone calls.

Thank you, I wish there were more ignorant people out there that can pretend they know something about a situation and act accordingly. You are a true hero. Now go practice REAL parenting, not your supermax prison style propoganda.

Again, kids can’t even breath in todays world, even in the last 5 years it has grown in severity. Parents rely on ‘safety measures’ in order to make up for their shortcommings as parents.

Lisa, most of these people are just upset because you do not seem to understand the real issue at hand. I am a little upset as well, because as a parent you should be able to read your kid, however, most kids are so crafy and skilled at telling lies, that they completely fool their parents. It is not Myspace that is at fault here, its a break down in society and you are just helping it along by not solving the problem where it started, your daughter.

Best of luck in your computer repair business, thanks for keeping food on my table.


THE BEST (user link) says:

i think its her fault

me personally i think its her fault she shouldve never lied about her age shes already 14 she should know right from wrong she shouldve never met up with him in that case shes the 1 being stupid meeting up with a guy just to have sex with him cause what other reason she went to meet up with him for she already lied i just think its her fault she’s old enough to kno what shes doing

Sex Dude (profile) says:

Get over it, the girl obviously loves the cock and has probably enticed more guys through her Myspace.

Mom loves the cock too and probably can’t imagine her sweet daughter doing the same dirty acts she got into and screams rape.

The poor dude in all this is pretty much like any teenager.. Just wants to get laid.

The world is becoming waaaaaaaaayyyyy too precious.

Maybe if more people were having sex and less people were fighting wars, the world would be a sweet place to live baby.

‘Live to score, not for war’ lol.

Conrad says:

Men being careful

SO…. from some of these articles – Men should be careful but there is no need for a women to be careful when it comes to age related sex. One thing I am tired of is … Sex being FUN, always worrying about the b.s. that is associated with the complex world today. Lying, cheating, and stealing. The messed up thing about it is, when the government DECIDES to add taxes they do – when a man decides to rob Skinny’s he is gonna go to JAIL. So basically there is always a legal way to do illegal things so .. Law only complicates right and wrong, it DOES NOT protect, therefore it is useless. For the most part, I don’t think law is even in effect today to protect for the most part, I think for the most part it is there so that certain intities can force money transferrance. Ahhh- I am rambing now. Good day!

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