People Like Their iPods On The Toilet (But Not In The Toilet)

from the bring-back-the-iLoo-for-the-iPod dept

While some are considering laws that would ban driving while iPodding, it seems that iPodding while in the bathroom has at least a few proponents. Unlike talking on your mobile phone, using your iPod from your porcelain potty is a more solitary act — one less likely to offend others. Apparently, it’s become a big enough deal that someone has created a special toilet paper holder that is actually an iPod accessory. It may be one of the first toilet paper holders that requires an outlet nearby, but then you’ll be able to hook up your iPod and play music over its 4 waterproof (of course) speakers as you go about your business. It also recharges your iPod, so you can stay awhile. Of course, hopefully the iPod is locked into the docking part pretty tightly, because apparently it’s really bad news should your iPod ever get clogged in your toilet. That’s what happened to the bathroom at one local university, which discovered that the damn thing is nearly indestructible — and did quite a job clogging up the pipes for the entire semester. Getting the iPod out was no easy feat: “crews simultaneously flushed as many toilets as they could and they turned on every sink. That caused a water surge which pushed the iPod into a larger more accessible pipe. Next, a water company was hired to blast water into the pipe in yet another attempt to get the iPod out of the pipe. That effort worked, but at the same time, the blast of water along with a build-up of air caused geysers to burst from the second floor toilets.” Not mentioned in the article is whether or not the iPod was still working.

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Comments on “People Like Their iPods On The Toilet (But Not In The Toilet)”

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Yooperbacker says:

Outlet near by

I don’t believe it needs an outlet. It does say it contain rechargeable batteries so it can recharge your iPod when it is in the holder. I don’t think it is that bad of an idea. You can listen to your iPod while at the toilet but you could also listen to it while in the tub, at the sink combing your hair, putting makeup on, etc.

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