Judge Lets Google Earth Fly On

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While Google is getting some attention today for releasing the latest version of Google Earth to coincide with the “Where 2.0” conference, it also may have waited to find out whether a court was going to shut the software down. On Friday, though, a judge denied a preliminary injunction that would have stopped Google from offering the software, due to a company that claims to own the patent on displaying real photographic content within a flight simulator environment. This follows the recent Supreme Court ruling that hopefully should make such patent injunctions less common. It’s good to see judges not automatically jumping forward with injunctions in patent disputes, and at least allowing the rest of the case to play out.

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Comments on “Judge Lets Google Earth Fly On”

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Cary says:

Prior Art

There is so much prior art to the patent claim by Skyline Software Systems that it should have been thrown out on a bad patent claim. How long must we endure these GAWD AWFUL patents that have abso-fricking-lutely no merit whatsoever?

Someone needs to go postal down at the Patent Office and clear out all the brain dead employees!!!

KayakDog says:

How to Fly

Um, actually, you can fly in Google Earth. Normally you are in Trackball mode. Once you have zoomed in on a location hit Ctrl+g to enter G-Force mode. (Ctrl+t gets you back to trackball mode). The cursor will become an airplane. Dragging up/down = pitch up/down. Dragging left/right = bank left/right. Right drag up/down = change forward speed.

meOIP says:

flight sim yes stupid case yes

Gearth is a flight sim of sorts. You don’t walk on the ground ala an FPS you hover above it more like a helicopter than a airplane but you do ‘fly,’ maybe like superman. I would assume (as in i have not read nor care to) the idea is more based on the rendering of images at a distance based on direction velocity and speed. Speeking of speed this should have been thrown out with speed.

onlyonejeep says:

google earth

i was impressed with the software when it was “keyhole earthviewer” but didnt want the 700 price tag. now google again makes stuff free for the masses. go google. to be able to zoom in at street level in real time with a piece of military grade software is amazing..forget the patent crap and enjoy technology people! the software kinda works like google maps ajax style nice and smooth no screen refreshing wait time..go google

Znikotine says:

Re: google earth

uhh yeah no shit lol its definately not real time i love the prog, never knew about this stupid stupid case. but my house is brand new januaryish of 05 its a vacant lot on gearth still bad ass program. someone suggested going postal at the patent office. i most definately agree


information is free

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