Fantasy Football Players Throw Flag On Government's Unnecessary Regulation

from the instant-replay dept

College students dependent on their online poker winnings to pay tuition aren’t the only group concerned about a new law that would crack down on internet gambling. Fantasy football players are concerned that the bill would prevent websites from running fantasy leagues that had cash prizes. They’ve even launched their own lobbying group called the Fantasy Sports Association, which is bankrolled by the National Football League Players Association. Remember, the players and the leagues believe they are entitled to license revenue from fantasy leagues that use player names and statistics, so they have an interest in ensuring that fantasy sports remains a big business. This arrangement itself is based on the dubious idea that they can prevent others from using their player names and statistics — both of these things seem to fall into the category of facts, which can’t be copyrighted. On the issue of whether fantasy sports should be subject to anti-gambling laws (or whether poker should be for that matter), there are all kinds of sound objections that could be made. But as long as lawmakers get a kick out of being arbitrary, more groups are going to learn how to play the lobbying game.

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Comments on “Fantasy Football Players Throw Flag On Government's Unnecessary Regulation”

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anonymous coward says:

fantasy football is for suburban dads that have been so neutered by their lives and wives that they are reduced to playing childish fantasy game to find any sense of strength or masculinity.

if you play fantasy football, you might as well put a bullet in your brain because your contribution to society has ceased.

Redboyd says:

Re: Re:

If this is indeed the neutered surburban dad, then right on brother, hilarious…

If not, then why bother even checking in. You know with that life you have and all, maybe you should have read all of the demographic, perhaps then you may have noticed the salaries then tell me more about they’re contribution to society

Some IT Bastard says:

I did not care about this article or whatever happens. I did however enjoy the guy who insults people who gamble or play fantasy sports online, and how they should kill themselves because they “obviously” don’t contribute anything to society…then challenge to fight someone if they could get the green light from the wife.

I think I should get paid $.10 cents everytime some desk-jockey makes threats on the internet.

Call it a … tax

jcs9000 says:


You don’t like fantasy football because when your buddy asked you to play last season, you didn’t know who to pick so you lost miserably and now you think that the game is stupid becuase your lack of masculinity was exposed and you were the laughing stock of the office. Too bad there isn’t a fantasy e3 confrence that you could play.

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