How Many Times Have You Bought Star Wars? How Many Times Will You?

from the keep-on-buying dept

We’ve noted in the past that a big part of the entertainment industry’s business model (and part of the reason they’re such big fans of copy protection) is that they want to get you to buy the exact same content over and over and over again. This clearly annoys many customers. Just yesterday, in our discussion about the MPAA’s bogus numbers, someone in the comments complained about studios releasing so many different versions of a DVD, so that fans get annoyed. They buy the basic version when it comes out. Then there’s the special edition, the director’s cut, the Criterion edition and so on. Tony Gentile points us to a story at E-Online about people buying Star Wars movies again and again every time it’s released in a different format or version (in this case, the announcement that the theatrical versions will now be released on DVD). Gentile wonders when people will realize that they’re buying the exact same thing they already have over again. Obviously, the studios understand (and love this), and people seem willing to buy — but as we’ve seen, just because some people buy, it doesn’t mean they’re happy about it.

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Comments on “How Many Times Have You Bought Star Wars? How Many Times Will You?”

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Michael Long says:

Not happy either...

As someone who’s worked in the industry, I have to say I’m not too happy about it either. Then again, I’m not exactly thrilled to be paying rent, car insurance, health insurance, making car payments, paying off student loans, or having to buy food, clothing, gas, or other necesisities.

Since people spend the vast majority of their income on those things as opposed to the occasional DVD, perhaps, instead of constantly harping on the entertainment industry, you can figure out a way for all of those other industries and companies to provide their products for free?

I’m sure a lot more people would benefit, and if everything else was free I could probably afford to work for nothing as well…

LadyJane says:

Re: pfff!

So, youre comparing Gas and Music/Movies?

Do you think you would get sued if the first six tracks of an album were on your computer and the rest of it was on your ipod?

Because thats exactly the way youre comparing it.

If the entertainment today sucks, dont even worry about purchasing it or stealing it or making extra back up copies. Why worry about getting sued over “junk”

And that kick ass gasoline youre buying? Maybe they arent sueing you for using it what, twice? is that what youre trying to say you do with it? whatever, but you are taking up the butt from that great wonderful company as the gas companies have had a record increase in profits (up to a 49% increase i believe) as the consumer shells out more money that they are told is due to limited supply, crisis, etc. It’s really due to executives wanting more money.

Everyone seems to grouse at the entertainment industry because they know we dont NEED entertainment to survive. However it can be a great and stimulating part of the human experience. People CHOOSE to by entertainment. If they buy all the releases of something, thats their choice, and their problem if they are upset because they didnt realise they fell “victim” to a simple marketing strategy. You expect artists to give up their professions and let everyone take their work for free? If its so terrible, don’t buy it once, twice, or however many times, and dont pirate it. You would be wasting your time anyway wouldnt you? Quit paying attention everyone, and big bad nashville and hollywood will just disappear….

Get Over It Already says:

Re: Oh wait

Oh come on. Are there people still mad because they felt that Star Wars aliens were racist. Please, find something else to be upset about because that is so tired. Bitch about gas prices and movie prices, but let’s not try and make EVERYTHING a political statment!


Fine Upstanding Pirate (user link) says:

Never bought any of the movies

I’ve just been planning to wait for the uber box set with every version ten years from now, including the updated versions of eps one three four with the CGI edited faces so they all look like our Robot Overlords that will invade next year.

Seriously, though, I just plan to wait until I can get them all at once in a single box set instead of spending all my money on a dozen different formats/versions.

Nick says:

Re: Never bought any of the movies

The nice thing about this set coming out in Sept is that it will include both the original theatrical release AND the 2004 edited versions. I have DVD versions of the originals from Laserdisc, and the original VHS. I have not bought the 2004 version. I do plan on buying this set to be able to have both version in one purchase.

Bored Guy says:

Re: Re: NICK you stupid !?@*

Nick… Nick… Nick…


While people here are busy bickering and throwing around stupid words like douche bag you’re out creating problems for everyone. If people like you stopped buying the same thing over and over, we wouldn’t be having this conversation.

It’s the same as spam, if nobody ever read, clicked on links, or purchased items from spam e-mails, there would be no demand for them. Spam could disappear, essentially overnight, if stupid people could simply stop being fooled.

Tyshaun says:

A fool and his money are very easily parted!

At any rate if you’re not smart enough to realize that a movie that is part of a series probably will be released as a box set, and in multiple formats, than just give me your money and I’ll buy you what you need (a long jump off a short cliff). Anyway, I can’t fault the entertainment industry for regurgitating the same stuff again and again, people buy it.

Final word says:

Words being final

It really is our own fault, we don’t ever do anything… ever. We used get pissed, start yelling and abunch of other people would start yelling then we’d all grabb pitchforks and sticks and rocks and freaking butter knifes and go kick the con artists asses’ then chase’em outta town. Or over run the castles and kill the flippin’ kings, or piss on the big gas exec’s lawn or string bastards up for doing a town wrong. Now we all yell about it, and say something should be done… then go back to looking up picutures of our favorite celebrities in computer altered nude photo’s. VIVA LA’ REVOLUTION!!!

BlackGaff says:

Re: Re:

@ oOotoxic

I’m so sad that this issue has made you so upset that you’re unable to write a coherent sentence, use spell check, or follow the basic principals of grammar.

I would suggest using Usenet to d/l School House Rocks! – particularly those that focus on grammar.

Now, to the point of your rant. People make take your argument more seriously if you took the time to organize your thoughts. I hate to admit it, but I do agree with you in that, if people are willing to repeatedly buy the same repackaged material, they have to right to complain. However, there are people who do like different versions of the movie, and want the director’s cut, instead of the theatrical release. Granted, the world would be a better place if the industry simply produced one DVD with both versions.

Me says:


Disney famously pulls this shite as well.

Both Lucasfilm (with Starwars) and Disney (with several releases) had major campaigns before DVD’s were available en masse.

Their trick was “Available for the LAST TIME EVER ON VIDEO”, of course implying that this was the last time the movie would be widely available period. What they really meant was “last time ever on Video tape” because everything has been/will be released on DVD.

And before someone tells me that “VIDEO” obviously implies a tape, I ask you what do you think the “V” in DVD stands for???

Pete says:

To "Me"

The V in DVD stands for ‘Versatile’.

It is annoying when they do multiple releases in this way. If this was a perfect world we could pay the “license” part of the cost once (the bit that’s actually expensive) and then just pay the extra media cost (a tiny, tiny portion of the full cost you pay) for the extra releases.

I agree with #19, things like this are bound to come out on high-def (whichever flavour wins the battle) so just wait for that to happen or you’ll end up buying your entire collection again (2nd time around for those people who’ve gone VHS->DVD->high-def).

Yoop says:


Basically there’s no sense of fair play at all in the entertainment business. Yes they have every right to squeeze every last dollar out of the public. But when is enough enough?

…and that ridiculous post about “I pay me rent and student loans…”. Nice job on that one. Even an idiot like me saw the humor in your sarcastic post.

PopeRatzo says:

It’s true that you have to be kind of dopey to buy the same thing twice (if it’s not consumable), but the issue here is the Military-Entertainment Complex being unwilling to put any energy into making a better product, and instead trying to figure out how to make people want shit or how to sell the same thing twice. Or even better, how to charge 10 times as much as a fair price that would turn a good profit just because they can.

But let me warn you, if you go down that road of thinking too far, you will find great big ugly sores on the system known as “free market” and what we in this country call “capitalism”. Just so you know, there be dragons…

Having already gone down the road myself, I’ve come to a place where I have no trouble watching the latest PROPER release or using something from eth0. BitTorrent is my friend, and I don’t buy Sony. Get my meaning?

Moogle says:

If everyone were logical, rational beings, they’d realize the pattern after the first time. They’d always after make an informed choice between buying early, buying more content, both if it’s worth the extra money, or neither to vote with their money.

In reality, the vast majority of people are at times forgetful, impatient, irrational, gluttonous, gullible, and kind of dumb. This sales tactic wouldn’t be profitable if it weren’t for this, and it is directly preying upon the weaknesses of many people. So, yes, it’s a bit of a sleezy, slimeball tactic.

The movie studios make a decision between being liked by their customers and making more money. They obviously didn’t care too much about being nice to their customers, so they’ve earned every critcism they can get.

Don’t forget that public good will is an asset as well, and complaining about the company is just as fair a tactic that consumers can use to get more stuff or get it cheaper. So what you people who are critcising the complainers are really saying is “I’m willing to let the movie studios do whatever they want.” Way to bend over and take it, guys. 🙂

krum (profile) says:


My situation went backwards with this. My friends and I didn’t want the “Extended, additional scenes” versions of the first three films. We just wanted the versions we saw when we were kids…in DVD format/quality. A few years ago Lucas claimed these versions were lost forever. I called bullshit on that and refused to purchase any of the DVD releases. Here we are and now our wait is over. So I’ll purchase these 3 films but it will more than likely be the last thing I ever purchase from Lucas again. At any rate, the industry is screwed up but if people are dumb enough to keep purchasing all the different versions then that’s the individual’s fault for believing the “Last Time On Video Ever !!” label.

eflotsam says:

Tell them with your wallet.

The repackaging happened years ago when vinyl went to CD and everyone went out an bought “The White Album” again. They still want us to buy it again only in SACD or GoldCD or DualDisc or Enhanced…

As long as we keep buying new versions, they will make them. The solution isn’t revolution, it’s restraint. If every person bought the first version and never bought it again, leaving rehashed / remastered / reissued with extra tracks on the shelves, you can be damn sure the companies would produce the best shot only once.

Keep buying and they’ll keep producing.

cltsoundman says:

different versions appeal to different people...

While I don’t discredit the fact that entertainment industry may be trying to get some people to buy the same thing twice, they are also trying to cater to different audiences. Like krum(29) wanted just the original unedited version, I don’t really care to see the original, I like the updated version.

Celes says:

Re: I don't see a problem here.

Mark, I think you’re on point with this one. I wouldn’t stop myself from buying a new shirt just because I’ve already got shirts at home. I’ll buy the new one if I like it.

I’ve got the remastered and special editions of the original trilogy on VHS (although I’m just slightly too young to own the original VHS release), and once I’m not college-poor any longer, I may go buy them on DVD because it’s easier than taking the VCR out of hiding and hooking it up. If someone profits from that, good for them.

James C. says:

i think one of the producers of the movie kill bill once commented to the reporter:

“”This is the beauty of having two volumes—Vol. 1 goes out, Vol. 2 goes out, then Vol. 1 Special Edition, Vol. 2 Special Edition, the two-pack, then the Tarantino collection as a boxed set out for Christmas. It’s called multiple bites at the apple. And you multiply this internationally.”

it goes quite well with this article.

Posterlogo says:

Here's a thought...

DON’T BUY THE SHIT YOU DON’T WANT. How bout it folks? Stop with the whining bullshit. They only produce many different versions because there are people buying them. If it bother you that there are different versions out there, you’re just part of the problem. Oh, and it’s not going to go away. Some of us thrive on choice and will continue to demand different versions. You think once HD and Blu-Ray come out that people won’t want to see Star Wars in HD? And the format after that, and so on? Me, I’ll buy my DVD and CD and port it to whatever format I want and use them how I want. I think some of you are confusing fair use with movie versions provided in upgraded formats to meet consumer demand.

Trollificus (user link) says:

Once and done.

I agree that people are idiots if they fall prey to this, and people who complain about the different versions are idiots if they think these companies would bother with the marketing approach if it didn’t work.

Whatever the features of the new “product”, by far the main thing is the movie itself. It’s like a friend of mine, lousy golfer, who wanted to spend, like, a thousand bucks for fancy new clubs.

Dude: These clubs are GREAT!! I can’t wait to play with them!!

ME: What about your lousy swing?

Dude: Look at the endorsements! The testimonials!!

ME: You never line up the same way twice!

Dude: They’ve been tested! On MACHINES!!

ME: You get falling down drunk almost every round.

Dude: Man, I’m gonna be so good…

The point being that the ‘added content’, ‘improved sound’, director’s inanities…errr…commentary; none of that much changes the experience of watching THE MOVIE. Especially first or second time.

I dunno…maybe that’s just me.

Trollificus (user link) says:

And another thing...

…unrelated to the story, but in response to #6 complaining about Lucas’ ethnic-stereotype bad guys*:

We can go back and re-edit those stereotypes out about the time Hollywood doesn’t make the villain in a FULL THREE FUCKING QUARTERS OF ALL MOVIES a white guy in a suit who runs an evil international corporation that produces pollutiion. And probably slavery.

I mean, they dumped DR.DOOM for a WGIASWRAEIC???

Tulio Bertorini (user link) says:

Wrong Just Wrong

Why can’t they put all of the information on the first release, instead of all 5 releases after that. Unless you are a die hard fan, you don’t care about the extra features.

I do think it is wrong for companies to do this because some people truly do not have the cash to buy multiple versions of the same DVD.

All DVD need to have a code on them so that when new changes come out, they can just download the new contents instead of the entire DVD again.

Of course these people are the ones keeping our economy going.

Gollum says:

Possible Solution

There’s a clear cut solution to the problem of movies being re-hashed every time a new media format comes out.

If done right, without all the DRM (Yes, I know, like this will ever happen anytime soon, but it’s not like any ‘solution’ is really going to come about in the near future), then a digital distribution system is deffinately the way to go.

Simply download the version of the movie you want, if a new codec comes out years later that’s better or more widely used, you can easily convert the format of the digital file. Then if you want a hard copy of it to watch on a TV (without using a media PC or anything), then you spend a couple of cents on the latest hard media (Blu-Ray, HD-DVD, etc).

Paying only a couple cents per disc is a lot better than shelling out 20+ bucks. Though the new media will have to become mainstream enough to have a relatively low price, you probably wont be converting stuff to a new standard before it becomes mainstream unless you already have and are willing to blow a lot of money on a player, etc.

This method is very practical and “versatile,” the only problem is that idiot companies such as the RIAA and MPAA stand in the way of something like this from working.

Kerry (profile) says:

Star Wars DVD's

Unfortunately they are usually NOT the same. Granted, the movie itself usually is (although there are sometimes added or extended scenes – Lord of the Rings anyone?), but they add in different extras, deleted scenes, short clips about the making of the movie, trivia tracks, commentaries by everyone from the director to the caterer. All these things are used to get you to buy the movie again, but to say everything is the same on each edition is a bit short sighted. Does anyone actually know how many different cuts have been released for Army of Darkness? Anyway, in this case (Star Wars) what they are releasing is the origianal (as shown in theatres) cuts of Star Wars, episodes IV, V and VI. There will be LESS special effects (Lucas went back for the re-release and made them better) and they claim that the video quality will be slightly poorer but for me, the ORIGINAL scene between Han Solo and Greedo will be worth it!!!

Yoop says:

What Moogle said

“In reality, the vast majority of people are at times forgetful, impatient, irrational, gluttonous, gullible, and kind of dumb. This sales tactic wouldn’t be profitable if it weren’t for this, and it is directly preying upon the weaknesses of many people. So, yes, it’s a bit of a sleezy, slimeball tactic.”

I’m just repeatin’ that.

Jason (user link) says:

Different Issues

I don’t care about them re-releasing because I can rent it and then see if the “additional content” is actually worth paying for.

The problem I have, and I am not sure how often this happens, is when content is cut from the movie for the original DVD release. I’ll use Hitchhikers Guide as an example, when my fiance and I saw it in the theatres, one of our favorite parts was the Whale and Petunia scene, specifically where the whale, coming to terms with its environment, says, “hullo ground, will you be my friend,” the answer to which is a loud thud and a cloud of dust.

When the movie came out on DVD we bought it and to our surprise that scene was incomplete. I’m expecting an “extended version” will eventually come out and that scene will reappear after most people have forgotten it. Hoping that is not how they work though.

Aquarius says:

I can accept that George Lucas is finding different ways of selling us essentially the same movies over and over again. I have a choice to buy or not to, and I don’t have to resort to name-calling against those who make a different choice than I do in order to feel good about my decision.

I thought, for the most part, that the elements he changed in the Special Editions were superfluous and stupid. (The only excepiton being the awful Ewok song at the end of ROTJ–the SE version was vastly better.) But I bought them when the DVDs were released, because my original theatrical versions were on VHS and have degraded with age as magnetic tape is prone to do.

I’m even alright with the release of the original theatrical versions on DVD, and plan to buy them, because Ewok song notwithstanding, this is how the movies were “meant” to be in my mind.

What I’m *not* okay wiith is the fact that the Special Editions will also be included in the same package on a separate disc. I’d daresay that most of the people who were interested in the SE’s already own them. There were, however, “purist” fans who didn’t buy the SE’s because of the changes and will be buying the new original releases, and they will probably just ignore the SE disc. The presence of the SE disc is a waste of time, materials, and other resources on Lucasfilm’s part. The inclusion of the SE’s, like the changes within them, is unnecessary, and it serves no purpose other than to shove the SE’s down the fans’ throats one way or another.

Celes says:

Re: Re:

Ok, I know everyone hates the Ewoks. But let’s face it, the Ewok song was the way it was released originally (and possibly because I’m a girl, I happen to think the Ewoks are cute, even if the thought of them helping to destroy the Empire is absurd). And that’s the version I grew up enjoying.

Of course, since I was born too late to see Star Wars in the theater the first time around, I went to see the special edition when it was released, and I’ve got good memories from that.

So I’ll buy the set and enjoy both versions. Perhaps Lucas chose to put both versions in the same set for people like me, who aren’t stupid and buying things they don’t want, but who actually *want* what the company’s selling.



As near as I can tell, as long as we live in a socialistic/capitalistic society (oxymoron?), where we want everything given to us, yet want everyone to purchase our products for the most amount of money that we can sell it for, we are going to continue to be plagued by “evil corporate giants in white suits” and greedy individuals willing to modify the products that they sell into different formats in hopes that someone will buy them. Not withstanding our country’s greediness and meddling policies regarding whether or not we should involve ourselves in the “protection of ourselves from ourselves” and big brother’s invasive policies on that subject, I find that over-all we are a greedy, gluttonous society with too much time on our hands and too little common sense. To sum it up, buy what you wish, when you wish, and enough with the complaining already. If you don’t like the way our country is run, then change it or move. Your choice.

Anonymous Coward says:

I don’t think the entertainment realizes how many people hold grudges. It might give them some income right now, but it’s slowly making people feel ripped off (perhaps to the point where they’ll just stop buying movies altogether) and is no way to have a steady profit.

Instead of releasing twenty different versions why not just have one basic version and then one set that has all the extra…stuff in it for a little bit more than the basic version?

That way people who only want the movie can get that, and the people who do want all the extras can get those all provided in one nice boxed set and they won’t feel ripped off when a new version comes out.

scuzzmaster11 says:

the machine

it’s just a money machine, folks. you’re all griping about big company movies. ever noticed the good movies from indi labels usually come out in one version, and that’s it? stop buying the mass-produced mind-numbing corporate-produced movies, and maybe they figure out quality is more important that quantity. my 2 cents . . .thank you netflix . . . it’s a sad state that some of the movies i rent aren’t even worth wasting a dvd on . . .

Yoop says:

in reply

The person who said to just “get over it” when talking about racist images: Nice. Great solution. That attitude is really helping the situation.

. ..But I did like Bored Guy’s statement about spam (no sarcasm). Who is clicking on the those crzy things? If you want penis pills or home loans or pharmacy info can’t ya look it up? (Please tell me I’m not the only one getting penis enlargement offers.)

Anonymous Coward says:

Not only that when the popular media type( VHS, DVD) changes and the players become too expensive to make the media work. Will you buy the movie again in the latest media format?

Wouldn’t it be nice to take your “backup” and restore it to the new media type?

Furthermore, there is a lifetime to the media itself. A DVD and VHS will only retain the data on them for a limited number of years.

Topher31 (profile) says:


Once Episode 3 came out with its dismal end to the whole lot of movies, I vow I will never buy another Star Wads movie / game or franchise item again.

George Lucas will not get one red cent out of me ever again.

I literally tossed the DVD’s of Ep 1 and 2 in the garbage after seeing Ep3. I did buy the original series on DVD when it came out, but that is when I believe Star Wars truly ended, not after the next 3 Mickey Mouse Edition episodes.

Even if and when I get an HD setup, I won’t buy the original trilogy in HD.

Lucas milked us along for nearly 30 years and dupped us out of hard earned money into buying uncountable limited editions and digital remasters and special editions of Star Wars, and after that crap that was Ep1-3, thats the end of my facination with that galaxy far far away.

It will be a great day when people can finally live their lives without thinking about Star Wars, and I feel sorry for all those pathetic losers that can’t let go and continue to keep Lucas a billionaire buying whatever junk edition he somes out with next.

walker says:

It is annoying

yes it is annoying when you buy the basic dvd thats first released then 2 months later the special edition comes out with all these bonuses. Now your paying twice as much as you would have because you loved the movie and want to see the special features. but if youcalm down before you go out and buy and do a little research you can find out if a special edition will be following soon.

Michael Ayers says:

Uh . . . so what's the actual problem?

Exactly who “has” to buy every version that comes out?

I usually don’t buy the “special editions” because I’m not particularly interested in the behind-the-scenes features and so forth. I’m usually only interested in the movie itself, and prefer the disc to not be cluttered up with complicated menus, extra features, etc.

As for the Star Wars movies, since there were two real theatrical releases (the original and re-made versions), it doesn’t strike me at all as a problem that both versions are available separately on DVD. Buy the version you like. Don’t buy the version you don’t like. I actually liked both, and don’t feel “cheated” by having both available for purchase.

I would really like to have the original version of “Blade Runner” made available on DVD. I do like the Director’s Cut version that’s avaiable now, but I would like to also be able to buy the version that I saw (and liked) in the theatre.

I’m a little annoyed at the idea that seems to underly the complaints about this. There is the already-existing debate about whether buying a disc once somehow entitles you to make copies for various reasons. I don’t mean to take a side on that, but one argument raised is that, since you bought the movie once, you shouldn’t have to buy it again to watch it on a different device or in a different format. Well, maybe so, maybe not. However, this goes a little further to suggest that the fact that you bought one version of a movie (say, the original theatrical version) means you somehow have a right to free copies of subsequent versions (say, a director’s cut or a re-mastered version). That just strikes me as absurd.


Fred says:

At last, I’ll been waiting for this, I didn’t bought the earlier(special)editions,because I didn’t like the added slapstick humor added sceenes,and Han shoot first.

I know they fixed some of the crappy sfx,but I want to see the same movies I saw when I was a kid.Not added crap.Just if they sold them separately,I really dislike ROTJ,aw c’mon…the Empire wiped out the Jedi,ruled the galaxy,and a band of rebels with the aid of ewoks(I hate ewoks)beat the Empire?…lol

Anonymous Coward says:

blah blah

if people weren’t emotional wrecks going up and down like roller-coasters then guess what? there would be no advertising or commercials, because they wouldn’t work. so i guess every high like getting that pretty little shiny thing has to get followed by a low like ah darn i spent more of my money on the same darn thing, those stupid bad companies. but then again, if somebody can indeed do it better, then they will, bless the free economy where everybody gets to compete for your money.

jimmx2 says:

buying the samething

hey i just pay $56.00 a month for my cable and guess what with a little time and a nice monitor tan

i have all the movies/games/music/programs/ect. that i want and all i need is the hard drive room for it (cheap! ) my point is that im a temp labor i make about $1,200 a month WHEN there is work i have a kid and a GF to take care of and guess what i have all the new xbox games i want all the new metal albums i want and all the classic movies (cuz new movies suck)

yes i download them even thought i could go to Walmart and buy them for 6bucks

i have a computer on 24/7 downloading and my power bill is still only 30buck a month add that to my cable internet bill and i tell ya thats the best entertainment value you can find!

and if i get sued what are they gonna do? fine me money i dont have?

put me in prison where i wont have to work to put food on the table and make me lazy?

my point is the companys make plenty money from ppl that can afford it where i get it for basicly free

and if i dont like the movie/music/game/ect. i just delete it and get more……and im happy and unstressed!but thats just me……

Ed says:

Pay Up or Be Quiet

If you have a hard time paying for it, dont! I’ve never bought a star wars video (VHS, DVD, anything) and never will. In fact, I’ve only ever bought videos when I was buying them as a gift for someone else. I RENT videos so that when the next media ‘upgrade’ comes along, I won’t have to go buy the latest compatible version. If you don’t want to shell out big bucks, just rent the stupid thing!

The media companies have every right to re-release movies over and over again. Some people want to keep buying movies over and over, or else Hollywood wouldn’t keep releasing them over and over.

Steve says:

StarWars DVD's

I for one am pretty pissed off at Lucas Film. I have the original trilogy on LaserDisc. I waited for years, Lucas said he will NEVER release the original theatrical versions of the first trilogy. So like millions of other people when he released the “re-mastered and changed versions” I ran out and bought it, thinking that since Lucas said he would never release the orignal version it was as close as I could ever get. Now after making a ton of money on that set, now he decides to change his mind and ok here ya go, oh and by the way, not only am I releasing them now, I will ony do them seperatly, and the discs will include the version you all already have. He can keep em, i’ll just copy my laser discs over to dvd and keep my money thanks.

Ted Kennedy says:


Hey i was wondering why not just rent all these movies from Netflix, or whatever and then just make copies of them.

That way you just get maybe 30 new movies (or copies of the same movie) every month.

The movie company makes money from renting the movie and you get a perfect digital copy?

Am I the only person who does this?

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