Sanford Spamford Spyford Wallace Gets Hit With Spyware Fine

from the reformed,-eh? dept

In the early days of spam, there was no spammer more notorious or publicity seeking than Sanford “Spamford” Wallace. He was proud about his spamming and was always seeking more attention for it. However, after a few years of constantly being slammed by anti-spammers, Wallace claimed he was out of the business and had “reformed.” He then went and did other things like trying to run a nightclub, which apparently failed. Apparently the lure of questionable online activities was too strong. In 2004, he was accused of being in the spyware game, tricking people into downloading his fake anti-spyware software by claiming that users had spyware that his software would remove (when it really did the opposite). Last summer, though, his case turned strange, when Wallace couldn’t be found, and his lawyer wanted off the case. Today comes the news that Wallace has been fined $4 million for his spyware activity, but there’s no word on whether or not he ever showed up. Either way, it should be a reminder of about how far you can trust a “reformed” spammer.

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Comments on “Sanford Spamford Spyford Wallace Gets Hit With Spyware Fine”

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realtek says:

I make thousands of dollars a year cleaning this junk off computers. There are simple ways to avoid it and after I clean a machine, I show the operator how to stay clean so they don’t have to pay me again in three months when IE gets hijacked because with the right tools and running them religiously, youre pretty safe. I don’t praise the spammer in anyway but I do make a nice living cleaning it off PC’s. Spyware has actually evolved so much that its potentially more harmful (meaning annoying and unproductive) than a virus. I would definately laugh at the dead spammer with a keyboard stuck in his ass.

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