Next You'll Have To Register Every Time You View A Website In China

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The “Great Firewall” of China and the issues concerning internet censorship are well known — including the fact that for all the resources they’ve put into blocking “bad” content, the filters don’t work very well. However, what’s interesting is that in the last year or so, China has slowly been taking a different approach to fighting whatever it is they don’t like online. Instead of just blocking it at the source, they’re trying to more closely watch what each individual is doing. Basically, they’re trying to completely do away with any kind of internet anonymity by requiring people to register for almost anything they do online. It started mainly by shutting down “unlicensed” cybercafes a few years ago, but picked up last year when the government forced everyone who runs a website to “register” with the government, so they can associate each site with someone to blame, should anything go wrong. Of course, the web is just one way to communicate, and apparently someone just realized that. So, the latest move is to require anyone who runs their own email server to get a “license” first. They claim its an anti-spam move, but given how often China announces plans to crackdown on spam and how little has actually been done, it’s a bit difficult to take them seriously. It’s also worth noting that the law has a data retention element to it, requiring those “licensed” email server owners to retain all email that passes through the server for 60 days. Based on this, the law appears to have made criminals out of just about any business that dares to run their own email server. Either way, with all this registration and licensing going on, just imagine the bureaucracy it will create.

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Comments on “Next You'll Have To Register Every Time You View A Website In China”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Re: I'ts a Race!

First off, China would kick the USA’s @$$ if the two fought a war. Second, the U.S. likes China because of all the slave labor, so it’s not going to do anything to piss China off. Third, China is the leading country in both manufacturing and I.T.. The U.S. is scared that its economy would collapse if US-China trade were disrupted.

Put simply, the US is China’s geisha girl. That’s two dollar whore for those of you who are confused.

TizzyTube says:

Thanks to all the American companies that make filtering possible! Where would we be without them? Just think of all the Chinese people out of work because of the decreased demand for windowless jailcells.

God Bless George Bush, Bill O’Reilly, and Pat. I love you guys! Support your neighborhood Wal-Mart and McDonalds!

EliteProxy says:

Stupid, Stupid, China

They already control everything else damn beuracracy this really pisses me off, not that I live in China or anything, but they are so stupid to not just let people be free. The only last free place in the world – the internet, they are trying to control that too! When will those control-freak dictators learn?

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