Thai Teens Want Their Parents' Love… Or A Cell Phone

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A new survey of Bangkok teenagers has found that what nearly 40 percent of them want most is love and encouragement from their parents. Trailing that, 16 percent’s top wish is for a cell phone. There have been plenty of stories about parents trying to outsource their jobs to technology, so it’s amusing to see some teenagers that would rather replace their parents’ attention with a mobile phone.

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Comments on “Thai Teens Want Their Parents' Love… Or A Cell Phone”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Maybe if we all hold hands and have group hugs, the world will be a better place.

Now, if you excuse me, I have a post office to blow up.

The reality of the touchy feely movement is that you are turning out children that have no fear, no discipline and no idea what right and wrong are.

There is noting wrong with your children fearing that if they do something even remotely out of line, that you will punish them in a swift and harsh way. This is why my children sit up straight in class, and have the highest grades in their schools. Even when both are 4 years ahead of their peers. But I also work with them and make sure that their priorities are correct.

As far as a Cell, they get pre-pay phones that are never used for anything but communications with parents or teachers. And I do track the units. Not that I don’t trust them, but to teach them the value of money in relation to services rendered. To me everything is an educational experience. An opportunity to learn something new and build on the old.

Kalon says:

Try America

I have been living in Bangkok for about three years now. Fact is it’s a socital thing. There is allot of importance place on family and allot of attention pay to wether you’re bringing honor or shame to them.

I think if you did this same study in the U.S. it would not even occur to most to think of anthing other than something matterial.

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