Microsoft Says Not Embarrassing SCO Is Patent-Worthy

from the get-rid-of-that-metadata dept

theodp writes “When life gives you lemons, make patents. Just-published USPTO documents show that shortly after SCO’s intent to sue the Bank of America was inadvertently revealed via MS-Word metadata, Microsoft filed a patent application for a new ‘invention’ – the Detection and removal of information in files, including ’embarrassing or otherwise problematic metadata.’ Yet another chapter in the strange Microsoft-SCO Relationship story.” There are any number of stories about embarrassing metadata being revealed in Word documents, so it’s not at all surprising that Microsoft would look for a way to strip the data. Of course, it seems like the ability to strip that metadata is already in Microsoft Word. Either way, it seems like a stretch as to whether or not such a concept should be patentable. It will be interesting to see if this application is granted.

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Comments on “Microsoft Says Not Embarrassing SCO Is Patent-Worthy”

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DWBjr (user link) says:

Re: Re: Re:

I might have my sarcasm radar on the blink, but I was thinking they were shooting for prevention too. The notion that someone might come out with software that strips out embarassing metadata to show people, is something that could haunt MS in the future. People already have noted that MS word has screwed people that have radically changed the tone of a Word formatted letter, only to have the recepient of the document find the previous versions, still present in the document. Suddenly MS software becomes a liability. –Ok, well… maybe not “suddenly”.

Jeremy Boyd says:


It will be interesting to see if this application is granted.

Really? Because you’ve written a lot, Mike, about the USPTO’s total incompetence in determining the worthiness of various patents. If this patent is granted, it’s another in a long stream of dubious (if not preposterous) patents. If it isn’t granted, what will be interesting is the PTO’s reasons behind the decision.

If I were a betting man, I know where my money would be…

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