Charities Ask That You Remember Your Domain Names In Your Will

from the dept

An article in the IHT says that domain names are the hot new charitable gift, with people holding valuable ones using them to raise money for their favorite causes — and take the nice tax write-off, too. It cites, which was donated to a group that then sold it for $200,000 as well as a guy that runs a domain-name speculator giving away things like “” to his alma mater. What’s next, the United Way taking over and and starting a typosquatting drive?

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Comments on “Charities Ask That You Remember Your Domain Names In Your Will”

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United Way Employee says:

I hope not!

I work for a United Way office. It would be rather odd to see any United Way offices (which are not franchises – they’re all run by local volunteers within their own counties, independently, in case you didn’t already know). If one or two jumps on this bandwagon, just be sure to understand that it’s not the organization as a whole doing it – just those particular UW offices.

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