Wrigley Hopes To Prove Health Benefits Of Gum

from the not-just-good-for-your-teeth dept

It’s common to come across studies proclaiming this or that food to be good for you, only to discover that the research was funded by some company with an interest in selling more of it. It’s less common for a company to announce, in advance, that they’re hoping to fund research, for marketing purposes, that demonstrates the health benefits of the food. On that note, Wrigley (the gum company) has announced the creation of the Wrigley Science Institute, with the aim of pursuing research to prove that gum chewing will help keep weight down, improve focus, and reduce stress. The company’s CIO (Chief Innovation Officer) says that there’s always been anecdotal evidence of this, and that it’s just common sense. The company is taking this surprisingly seriously, looking to get their work published in peer-reviewed journals. While they’re certain to find the results they’re looking for, maybe they’ll discover some surprise benefits, like a cure for electricity allergies.

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Comments on “Wrigley Hopes To Prove Health Benefits Of Gum”

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Odm says:

Re: Not exactly technology related, but...

That seems reasonable. When you eat or smell food (and when you’re stressed) a hormone in your stomach triggers the production of gastric juice, which is hydrochloric acid and some enzymes. I don’t think gum reacts with HCl, so it seems there would be an acid imbalance. What I’m wondering is if enough acid is produced to cause any significant damage…

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