Despite $750M Lawsuit, Bezos Is Still A Toys R Us Kid?

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theodp writes “The WSJ has more on NJ Superior Court Judge Margaret Mary McVeigh’s biting descriptions of the testimony of Jeff Bezos in Amazon’s failed $750 million dollar lawsuit against Toys R Us. The Judge portrayed Amazon as being secretly contemptuous of its business partners and slippery, bordering on “mendacious“, in dealing with the court. Think the Judge knew that as she listened to Amazon argue that they no longer wanted to do business with the toy seller, CEO Bezos and the missus were busy adding items to their Amazon Wishlists, asking folks for lots of Star Wars merchandise from Toys R Us?”

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Comments on “Despite $750M Lawsuit, Bezos Is Still A Toys R Us Kid?”

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1 Comment
EJ Passeos says:

Double standard for Internet "stars"

Good Morning, All.

I followed the Amazon case closely in the Wall St. Journal (the rest of the media didn’t pay much attention).

The rulings didn’t seem very flattering to Amazon. If you follow the results of court trials involve corporations, the results are usually fuzzier.

In this case, Time magazine hero seems to get bashed pretty heavily. Mr. Gomes column specifically notes that Amazon seems to have used their superior knowledge to snooker ToysRus. Interestingly, and not noted by Mr. Gomes, this was happening while Toys was losing market share and eventually was forced to put itself up for sale.

Also, as a parent, the Toys/Amazon section was valuable in the years prior to Wal-Mart getting serious about their own site. Now, of course, noone needs Amazon for toys.

In the end, by putting the screws to an important partner, Amazon hurt itself and exposed their flawed business model. They still rely on others for certain brands (Sony still?) and product categories.

Finally, as an Amazon shopper from their first days, I would expect more of Time Magazine’s Man of the Year.


EJ Passeos

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