Pope Benedict: Stealing Songs?

from the someone-call-the-RIAA dept

This is, of course, a perfectly ridiculous headline, but given the way the recording industry has acted lately, it wouldn’t be all that surprising to see the recording industry make this accusation. We’ve discussed in the past the legality of selling an iPod that has music on it already, and the recording industry has already made it quite clear that they don’t believe fair use applies when you put music on your iPod (instead, they have decided to let you put music on your iPod as a favor out of the kindness of their collective hearts). So, when Copyfight points out that Pope Benedict XVI was recently given an iPod with a bunch of songs preloaded, it’s worth asking whether or not it was legal. The iPod was given by a radio station, that put a variety of musical selections on the device. As the report points out, it seems quite likely that they didn’t buy separate versions of each of the songs, but (more likely) just ripped them from CDs the station had lying around. So if it’s okay for the Pope, why isn’t it okay for others?

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Comments on “Pope Benedict: Stealing Songs?”

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Strega says:

Re: No Subject Given

Assuming it’s the same theory of when the former Pope was travelling, if you saw him live you were blessed, if you saw it on tape/newsfeed you missed out…so using that theory (heck it’s as good as any the Church has come up with in the last 2 millenium)

If his pope-ness got the ipod before someone else listened to it, he’s the first so it was a gift. If someone else listened to it first, he smites them gives them a indulgence and Steve Job gets to go straight to heaven.

dataguy says:

Re: Re: Re: No Subject Given

“it seems quite likely that they didn’t buy separate versions of each of the songs”

Would they not only have to purchase separate copies of the CDs involved (for those songs which are not available as a down load) but also give those CDs to the Pope, for the iPod to not be an illegal copy?

strega says:

Re: Re: Re:2 No Subject Given

Yes, in theory you are supposed to own the CD though the argument still exists that the download is the only legal version since it existed “nowhere” prior to being put onto your iPod.

Fair use isn’t applicable if you listen to some argue. (it’s my copy that I can record to another medium for personal use…the old lp to cassette argument)

cody h says:

Re: Re: Re:3 No Subject Given

yeah, but todays music is digital and way better than an LP, so it makes it much worse to pirate well recorded music than it does to buy 1 LP and record 50 tapes of that LP for all of your friends. One of the first stereo systems I bought had tape to tape cassette recording and i don’t recall hearing any whining back in the 80s about that. by the way, I download lots and lots of music, if I like it, I GO BUY IT. RIAA, YOU SUCK and should burn rot and fester in the fiery pits of hell. Sue the Pope, I am sure he can help you get there faster!

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: Re: No Subject Given

porn… of little boys… just kidding, the pope is the man (im not christian). he listens to classical music on it. also if i were RIAA i would sue his holiness just to get the point across. i would want them to, so more people would join me in my BOYCOTT OF RIAA!!! DONT BUY THEIR MUSIC!!!!! /rant

doctormino says:

i Pope

I don’t think downloading music or giving it away is a big problem. Michael Jackson (who has the qualifications to be a priest by the way) isn’t going broke because we download songs. He’s going broke because of bad financial decisions and paying off to many parents. It’s not bad for the economy because this money we used to spend on CD’s is now going to other small purchases. So Sony records can suck my big floppy disc. And people stop encoding your songs with WMA. It just pisses me off so much.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: No Subject Given

“More people use programs that were like napster to steal songs everyday…”

You made a couple of typos.

First, “every day” is two words.

Second, you wrote “steal songs” instead of “commit copyright infringement”. One is a crime, the other is not (YMMV according to where you live).

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Re: No Subject Given

this thread has gotten long

but according to RIAA for it to be legal he would have to delete all the songs on it, and then he would have to buy the songs off of itunes for the ipod.

having the seller give him the CDs is illegal cause your not supposed to resell your CDs, you dont own your CDs you just have a license to listen to them on certain equipment. copying them to your ipod is illegal and NOT fair use (but they allow it cause they are such great guys)

strega says:

Re: Am I the only one who thinks it isn't OK?

nor do I, it’s the legal question and whether the inquisition department of the RIAA and the labels will take this to the mat.

personally, I feel they’ll lose and just have to deal with it, the amount they’re making from downloads vs the amount of dollars they lose from ipod rips isn’t worth the fight (imo)

Marcel de Jong (profile) says:

Re: Am I the only one who thinks it isn't OK?

Why should it be okay to give away an IPod full of preloaded songs?

I was thinking the same thing, isn’t it illegal to give away/sell pre-loaded iPods, regardless?

You know, I don’t think the RIAA or any of those types of companies will ever sue the pope over this. Because they would know that they can’t win. Their tactic is purely a bullying tactic, let’s scare the little guys into bankruptcy.

Aldoliel (user link) says:

Political Immunity

The pope is technically a head of state, therefore, if someone wanted to sue him, he would just tell them where to stick the law suit.

Or if he’s really clever, he’ll take them to court himself for wasting his time (his holiness presiding naturally) then just damn them all to hell.
Tomorrows headline perhaps?:
“Pope Damns RIAA lawyers to hell, God and Satan Agree to terms – Dump them in purgatory”

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: maybe the RIAA is biased & prejudiced? or not.

if RIAA does NOT sue the Roman Catholic church (or the station giving the iPod) for this, but they DO sue others for doing the exact same thing… This will only prove several cases [b]to show that the RIAA is biased & prejudiced[/b] against anyone who is not of sincere Catholic religion… which in the UNITED STATES is illegal to treat anyone differently because of their religious beliefs.

We may just see a lawsuit regarding this, just around the corner. Thanks for the great insight Mike!

Gerk (user link) says:

sadly it all seems to be legal content, no precdie

What is loaded on the iPod

I think we’ll have to let him get away with it this time, I don’t see any offending material in here ….

The pope’s new 2-gigabyte digital audio player was already loaded with a sampling of the station?s programming in English, Italian and German, and musical compositions by Beethoven, Mozart, Chopin, Tchaikovsky and Stravinsky.

The iPod also contains an English-language radio drama on the life of St. Thomas a Becket and a 10-minute feature on the creation of Vatican Radio, with original sound clips of the inventor of the radio, Guglielmo Marconi, and Vatican Radio’s founder, Pope Pius XI.

frustrated says:


Leave the guy alone. He received it as a gift! He didn’t ask for it. Secondly, if you know the legal eagles in the Vatican and beyond they would have done it getting full permissions or probably paying for it in someway. Thirdly I doubt he has used it since. Lastly, I find the comments on Michael Jackson and priesthood extremely offensive, but I guess any defamatory comments about the pope or Catholics (Although any other religion is a first rate capital offence) are permissible under free speech no matter how we (Catholics) feel about them.

The BaLLiN Pope(my penis is doin it real how did u says:


ya i kno i stole those dam songs i couldnt find the THONG SONG so i got it off limewire so i cud listen while doin it real big bitchzzz. now u betta not be cumin to my house huntin me down in the Pope 50 Cent Mile ill pull out me pope sniper and shot yo ass down. Tj Is my Playa fo sho and yah betta not mess wit dat hoe hell smoke yo ass!

ps: i own u tj

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