Google's Leaky Analyst Day

from the it-just-doesn't-stop dept

Google, of course, is notorious for not giving analysts much guidance, but last week they had an “analyst day” to try to address many of their concerns. The aftermath, though, is showing a few glitches in the Google quiet zone. Among the information posted to the website were some financial projections, which quickly got pulled. However, they were up long enough to get discussed — and to force Google to issue a statement begging people to ignore the content — more or less guaranteeing the opposite comes true. At the same time, much of the web is buzzing over some other information, leaked in the “notes” of a PowerPoint presentation, about Google’s plans to offer some sort of online storage drive. Whether or not this comes true, it would seem that Google is quickly learning how difficult it is to keep some things secret.

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Comments on “Google's Leaky Analyst Day”

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TheEye says:

Re: Yeah a

Google should have learnt that secrets never stay secret, online storage means a massive p2p network… uplaod music give friend the password they download it, how wlil they stop multiple accounts… then again in the early days of gmail people were doing the same thing, using its massive space as an online storage. 😐 Though I hate gmail for their EULA.

Andrew Strasser (user link) says:

Re: No Subject Given

You can’t trust them with them on your computer. Your walking around like a zombie sheep if you even begint to think that there is anything on your computer they can’t know. Cell phone. Bank Account. Everything… If intl. terrorists are doing it on a regular basis they had to learn it somewhere right.

Bakken says:

No Subject Given

Didn’t we already know this? I’ve been hearing for a while that Google was developing an online OS. For the most part sounds like they are trying to create a large cluster of information, and possibly make the internet an actual device rather than just a means of transportation for data. I think it’s a good idea, regardless of its uses, some people will exploit it, however some people will also be able to learn and expand from it as well. It’s just technology evolving, you don’t have to be scared of it. If you don’t want to use it you don’t have to, however my opinion is, it’s not the sign of the apocalypse that everyone would like to make it out to be.

Randy Gordon says:

Google online storage

Is this news? I could have sworn we were debating this on Slashdot weeks ago…
Privacy is not a concern. It is easy enough to put a client side encrypting filter and cache on the stream to give you effectivly a encrypting filesystem. If you don’t trust Google, there are lots of open source ones that can be adapted as soon as google publishes the protocol.
Google, judging from recent announcements of moving their servers to politically resistant states, seems to take privacy concerns seriously.
Data on a Google storage is probably safer than on your hard drive…the government can’t just go an seize records off a server in the Caymans, for example; not without scaring most of Congress to death about who the target really is.
And I don’t care who is sponsoring spying, recording every bit and byte off a Google server is practically impossible, even with cheap terabyte storage and quantum copying of optic streams.
However, there are still some issues involved. Who is liable if information is lost or leaked? Not legally liable, but in terms of company reputation. If Google stock goes down as a result, are there Sarbox violations? It is easy enough for Google to change this to an acceptable level of risk, using netfilter/iptables with user and process filters, for example.

the unknown says:

Re: Google online storage

“the government can’t just go an seize records off a server in the Caymans, for example; not without scaring most of Congress to death about who the target really is.”

HAHAHA, excellent!!

Love the idea of making the internet an “entity”. Soon we will address our questions to the great google overloard. Remember the sci-fi stories where machines/computers take over the world? One step closer everyday. Fear not, we remain masters over machines (for the moment).

Andrew Strasser (user link) says:

Re: Google online storage

“the government can’t just go an seize records off a server in the Caymans, for example; not without scaring most of Congress to death about who the target really is.”

They have done just that though is your main idiocy. May be an old topic, but no one over there was smart enougyh to tell you the truth I guess. The CIA has access to any server in the world bank non-bank encrypted or non-encrypted. It’s no big secret, that’s actually unclassified to know that.

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