DOJ Shows Up Late Again; Follows Spitzer's Lead In Online Music Price Fixing

from the a-bit-slow-on-the-ball dept

Late last year, we pointed out how the head of some record labels, in pushing Apple to change its pricing policy, appeared to be very publicly trying to fix prices — something the industry had gotten into trouble for multiple times in the past. It took a few months for NY Attorney General Eliot Spitzer to start up an investigation, and as with more than a few Spitzer probes, he showed himself to be a bit ahead of the Department of Justice — who you would think should be the one investigating all of this. The Justice Department has now begun its own investigation, which is apparently essentially the same as Spitzer’s.

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Comments on “DOJ Shows Up Late Again; Follows Spitzer's Lead In Online Music Price Fixing”

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Andrew Strasser (user link) says:

Re: meh...

hehe Actually I think it’s more their databases of IP addy’s that get used is what the people want. They usually get what they want though. They’ve had the search results for years it’s just how you release that to the public without the public killing you that matters to these people. You can’t hide anything from law enforcement if they want to find it.

George Smith says:

Re: Bush and the DOJ

I’m really getting sick of people who bash Bush for something he really has no control over. Look at wat happend when an UAE Co was going to potenially take over some US ports. I’m not going along with bashing BUsh but it just seems that he has too much on his plate to be concerned about Apple fixing prices on crappy iTunes music downloads. If you care so much just “steal” the music.

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