USPTO Issues Gift Delivery Patent To Amazon

from the one-click-away dept

theodp writes “Will Santa be slapped with an injunction this Christmas? More than eight years after it was originally filed, the USPTO officially issued a patent to Amazon Tuesday for Coordinating the delivery of a gift, the invention of CEO Jeff Bezos. The patent, which was rejected three times by the USPTO and questioned by the press, is a continuation-in-part of Amazon’s infamous 1-Click patent.” The patent is designed to help fill in the blanks if someone left important delivery info blank in ordering a gift for someone. However, it’s not at all clear why this should receive patent protection.

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Comments on “USPTO Issues Gift Delivery Patent To Amazon”

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gh says:

Re: Re: Amazon's

Re Al Gore, youve obviously drank the kool-aid, but if you want a reality check, he basically DID CREATE the internet.

As a politician your job is to approve or deny funding and pass laws. He approved funding for the DARPA Net/Internet project, and therefore is completely able to claim that he did.

If he cant do that, then no politician can take credit for any project they approve being successful.

I dont think anyone with a brain thinks he meant that actually designed the protocols and developed the hardware to push packets. Do they?

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