Dancing Your Way Through Email

from the exercise-and-deleting-spam,-all-in-one dept

Microsoft is known for some of the more wacky random projects folks come up with inside that are never meant to see the light of day. Remember the iLoo? That kicked up such a storm that Microsoft eventually had to pretend it was an April Fool’s joke that came out in May, before admitting that it was a real project. Along those lines, it appears that some researchers have had some fun creating a new email interface using a “Dance, Dance Revolution” game foot pad. Yes, that’s right. You dance through your email box and stamp out spam for real. This is only one of the projects from the “Step User Interface Project Group” which is working on step-based interfaces for other applications as well. It may not be quite as ridiculous an idea as it sounds initially — what with so much effort being put into getting young people to exercise more, even when in front of a computer. It certainly seems likely to work up more of a sweat than the treadmill desk we heard about last year.

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