For Those Of You Who Haven't Figured Out Buying From Spam Is Bad

from the you-probably-won't-notice-this dept

We all know that there are still some people who do click on links in spam messages and do buy from them. The majority of people know better — but not everyone. However, how likely is it that those who don’t know any better are suddenly going to be convinced because some security firm tells them not to click on Valentine’s Day related spam? Why single out spam for Valentine’s Day. Shouldn’t they just be telling people not to buy from spam, period?

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Comments on “For Those Of You Who Haven't Figured Out Buying From Spam Is Bad”

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TK says:

No Subject Given

I think the point is to isolate and target that specific type of spam. Yes, it is common sense (well, not common…but most savvy users should know) not to buy something from Spam. However a lot of newbies don’t necessarily consider marketing from something that looks like a legit company, or a legit company spam. So highlighting V-day targeted advertising makes them aware “Oh, so even though it’s coming from The Gap, if I didn’t ask for it…it is spam. I see!”

It’s just one more way to raise awareness.

cucjr says:

No Subject Given

“Sophos revealed that nine per cent of web users have bought goods sold via spam. “

But so many of the e-mail I get seem to be from other countries where the legend of “the brother-in-law’s next door neighbor’s best friend was able to make a killing” via spam… I mean the engrish is so funny! I have to assume it is from folk that have think the % is 90% not 9%

the unknown says:

Re: slam the spam

if i was a hacker, i’ld hack it in the mo-o-orning
i’ld hack it in the evening, all over this land
i’ld hacker out justice, i’ld hacker out freedom
i’ld hacker out all the spamers and destroy their computers so they’ld have no chance to ever start it again

(okay it doesn’t rhym but you get the jist of it)

ntlgnceatwork (profile) says:


I would assume that there has always been people clicking on those annoying ads.

I think we should all work together, to eliminate forced advertiseing. The popups that wont go away. The popups that have to load before the page loads. CNN is a good site for this.. The advertisers lie too. (clicking this ad will not effect your download), the heck it dont, it makes the download slower… games open longer.. If I dident have to wait for the ad to get done running I would already be playing the game.. Back to CNN, The news clips, (movie). Why is it that the add always seems to play perfect when the clip comes up, i get to see 3 or 4 seconds of it then I have to wait, then maybe 2 seconds. then wait. and the video never plays right. The ads sure do though… BAN ALL FORCED ADVERTISERS.

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